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  1. hi guys, Sometimes kpm have problem with my internet connection and I need to turn on the proxy for sync data so, i want to know is it safe to sync my data with proxy or vpn? i using free vpn to do this such free.gate.
  2. add ability Bold , Italic, UNDERSCORE, left-to right and right to left (this option necessary for some language ) and font size in Notes thank you
  3. hi every body, In this topic we will only add the features we like to be added to this software And I hope that it will be done I'm starting first: 1- The ability to add icons to apps in Android version , as well as to change the icons through other versions like PC, As you know, at the moment we can only modify or add icon apps just using the PC Version. 2- the ability to change default number of password generator in PC version and browser extension, as you know the default is 12, and always we should change it if we want stronger password. The Android version works very well. The last time we chose the password length, the method is saved. 3- The ability to search the stored text in the note, As you know, when we find out, we find the target, but does not find the sentence inside the text note. 4- Unlimited number of characters in a note thank you
  4. today, i turn on my computer and check chrome, extension work great, i don't know how fixed, thanks god.
  5. in chrome and Mozilla not work, i'm waiting for release new version or another solution
  6. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-password-manage/dhnkblpjbkfklfloegejegedcafpliaa
  7. @berny hi again, i update my kaspersky password manager to version and its work on pc, edge browzer, internet explorer but problem with chrome and Mozilla i do solution in above post, but problem still and extention in google chrome and mozila say to me install kaspersky password manager on this computer like image post 1 please help me i'm confused and i don't have any solution windows 10 enterprise 1803 chrome version 67, extension version is 4.1.3 Mozilla version 60, extension version is 4.0.39 kaspersky password manager version
  8. Thank you so much, after this, restart my computer and see again its worked. thank you for helping.
  9. i do it step by step , but same problem, install successful in my computer but in browser said install kaspersky on this PC. what should i do now?
  10. hi Berny, kaspersky password manager 9 work perfectly on my computer, but in browser said install kaspersky password manager on this computer, i don't know why! what should i do? reinstall again KPM on my computer? please tell me step by step for i do it without mistake. thank you
  11. hi there, i update my kaspersky password manager in one week ago, for one day i don't have any problem and worked, after i update latest cumulative my windows 10 , extension in Mozilla Firefox and chrome didn't work correctly but in internet explorer worked, latest extension installed 4.0.37 but when i click on extension it say install Kaspersky password manager on this computer, i also reinstall kaspersky password manager in my computer but didn't work. please help me to solve it
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