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  1. I hope you were able to solve your problem.  If not, please refer to Methe2018's workaround.  After "working" with support for two days, this workaround solved my problem in a matter of minutes.

    1. kjj


      Thanks melissaj. I was able to use the methe2018 workaround. I tried it right after he posted to the Kaspersky Password Manager v. installation problem thread. KPM was installed successfully. It looks like a few others were successful as well.

  2. AFTER TWO DAYS OF MESSING WITH TECH SUPPORT I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS POSTED BY WAYNE AND IT WORKED!!!! I DID'NT EXPORT MY PASSWORDS BECAUSE I COULDN'T GET IN THE DANG THING. ONCE REINSTALLED ALL MY PASSWORDS WERE STILL THERE. 1. Export passwords into a folder so you have saved your passwords. 2. Uninstall KPM. 3. Right-Click on Windows Icon, select & click on RUN. 4. Type in REGEDIT and click on OK. If prompt by a pop-up box, click YES. 5. Look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER 6. Click on it to expand the folders. 7. Scroll down to Kaspersky Lab folder, click on the > icon to expand the folders 8. Click on Kaspersky Password Manager folder, then Right-Click and select DELETE. 9. Delete any Password Manager folder in the Kaspersky Lab Folder. 10. Exit REGEDIT and click on the file to install Password Manager again. This should complete the installation without any issues. Wayne
  3. thanks Wayne!!! your directions solved my problem. i was able to install the KAP without any problems.
  4. after the update my password manager crashed. i was told to uninstall now i can't reinstall at all. it says my windows installer package has a problem. Any suggestions?
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