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  1. Hi, I'm having issues regarding the upgrading process for Endpoint Security for Android. I've downloaded and create a standalone package for Endpoint Security for Android, and I'm trying to upgrade from version but at the time the device is synchronizing and dowloading a fike, push notifications shows a file being downloaded with no title, and the download "vanishes" not even showing up in the download folder on the device or prompting the user for an installation. We are pushing the update out via KSC policy under "additional" -> "upgrade of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android" -> select stand alone package. It has been tested on two separate devices, Huawei P9 lite running Android 7.0 and a LG G4C Android 5.0.2 with the same result.
  2. Using Galaxy A3 2017 with the default Samsung browser called Samsung Internet version
  3. I looked at it, yes. Apparently it had nothing to do with the web server itself. It was the default browser on the Android device that prohibited the download of the .apk file. Using Google Chrome for instance allowed us to download the .apk with no issues what so ever. Thank you for the assistance.
  4. Okay. Now I have removed the installation package and stand-alone package. Starting from scratch: I downloaded the latest version for Endpoint Security for Androd from the KSC 10 Sever. It automatically created the installation package and therefore I created the stand-alone package. Getting the following HTTP download link from the stand-alone package: http://host.domain.com:8060/dlpkg?id=12003159 If I go to Mobile Device Management -> Mobile Devices and pressing Add mobile device I then choose Android -> By using a link from own web server -> choosing user -> Issue certificate through Administration Server tools -> send link to Kaspersky Endpoint Security and using user email -> next and then the server creates the package for the user. On the user side I open the email app and go to the link send by the server: https://host.domain.com:8061/dlssppkg?id=1B6EECA0B5C1BEB4154052866EBA9DA2B4300A9B873D45C638C7C5635CE06B2E It starts downloading and fails immediately. Please help
  5. Thanks for providing me with addition links. As far as I can see the settings and configuration of the installation package and stand-alone package should all be fine. I can see the stand-alone installation packages is pointing to a different port, 8060, instead of port 8061 which users receive via mial.
  6. I tried using this guide: https://help.kaspersky.com/KESMob/10SP2MR2/en-US/141434.htm Instead of sending the user the link I chose "show link to installation package" where I could download the .apk from Windows, so far so good. Going through the same procedure as above I instead copied the link from "show link to installation package" and sent it to the user, but with no look - the Android device started the download but failed again.
  7. We can successfully deploy Endpoint Security to Android devices via the Google Play link, but when we try to deploy the app through our KSC 10 Server users cannot download the .apk file. If users follow the link the Android device will start a download the immediately fails or receives a 403 forbidden HTTP error.
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