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  1. You genius. This fixed the issue for me, manually updated 3 times now and appears to be no longer freezing at 96%. :3 Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  2. I've managed to fix the issue above, however... The update issue returned again. :/ The update server is modified to what harlan4096 suggested. Still no change.
  3. I've just tried to reinstall KTS, now I'm having a new problem. It's not letting me after downloading something. The next error shows up and rolls back the installation. :c I did notice there's still an Kaspersky Anti-Virus running in the processes? Also the removal tool claims there's no Kaspersky Installations present on the system.
  4. I have a strange update problem that stated to occur since the recent program update. For some reason the update is stuck for the second time now at 96% and doesn't do anything else then that... This morning I had the same issue after upgrading to the latest program version, the first update went fine. Later an automatic update followed and noticed the arrow down animation on the taskbar didn't change after a while. The first thing I thought was something's wrong here. So the next logical thing I did was using the removal tool to completely uninstall the program. All of that went fine until I had to reboot, it simply locked my entire computer up for some strange reason I can't figure why the uninstaller did that. However, I forced a shutdown on my laptop. Everything booted up fine back to Windows and Kaspersky was indeed uninstalled just fine. Then, I reinstalled the latest version. Went all fine, no issues at all. The first manual update attempt was successfully done. Later it tries to automatically update again and the exact same issue is happening again. Again stuck at 96% for almost an hour now... I've provided screenshots of the reports to give a better idea what's going on. Honestly I have no idea why it even does this... I've never had this issue with version 18...
  5. I think something might be wrong with my anti-virus, this morning I've turned my laptop on everything was working fine though for the first few minutes. All I did was watching a YouTube Video, after this video was done, I wanted to watch another video and then for some odd reason the entire internet connection was cut off. I did checked other computers and my mobile phone, all had internet connection besides my laptop. The next thing I noticed was that Kaspersky Total Security suddenly closed without warning, exactly on the moment when the internet problems occurred and I wasn't able to restart Kaspersky until I ended up rebooting my laptop. I'm not sure whether this is a known issue or someone possibly messing with me remotely? Are there ways of securing my laptop, but as example making the firewall act a bit more strict on certain applications? Honestly it did gave me legit scare what the hell was going on. I now have Network Monitor open, but don't see anything suspicious or suspicious applications running in the background? The problem was solved after rebooting my laptop, though... I did noticed an absurdly long start-up time? Any suggestions?
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