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  1. Uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have done the trick. Don't know what made Kaspersky bug out like that, but at least it's (hopefully) fixed. Thank you!!
  2. Bumping this topic because I'm at home now, on home wifi, and it's not fixing the problem. Update now lists Kaspersky Lab update servers as the update source, but download is stuck at 26.70 KB. No update logs have been created since a failed update Jan 22nd, which ended at 26.70 KB and had the "Error resolving network name" status. Additionally, I set my program to run a full scan every month and a quick scan every week. It doesn't seem to run either scan now, even when I manually hit the Run scan button. It just shows the circling loading symbol indefinitely, and clicking away from the scan screen ends the scan before it even starts. And, finally, though I can bring Kaspersky up, my computer still tells me that antivirus and spyware are turned off. Please help me! I'm wondering if uninstalling and reinstalling would be the best solution, but I'm afraid to do anything drastic.
  3. Update Source is KL update servers, and network is fine. Emptying my temp files didn't seem to fix my problem but it was probably a good decision anyway, that was an obscene amount of trash files. So, it's the network, not necessarily my computer? If so, that'll be a pain, but I can work with it, I'm just relieved it's likely not some horrible issue or infection on my computer. Like I said in my first post, I'll be testing it again when I'm on my home wifi, we'll see what happens then. It is odd that this would happen now, when I've been on this campus and used this network for almost four years, but maybe they did something over break that screwed it. I have noticed that I seem to drop connection very frequently, especially when trying to play an online game.
  4. I connect to the campus-wide wifi with my student ID. We have two, a secure connection that requires ID (the one I use) and a public wifi. It's not metered. Yes, it still won't update 15 minutes after startup. System clock is correct, I already selected "do not use proxy server" while trying to troubleshoot on my own before posting here. Laptop is always plugged in, bad for the battery I know but that's a problem for another day. Gaming mode is disabled. License has a little over a year left. Subscription is up to date. Upon checking logs, it looks like it hasn't even made a log since the 22nd, which was when it first said it failed to update correctly. I've attached it to this post. Please let me know if this wasn't the right file. I am in the process of running GetSystemInfo and will upload it when it's completed. Edit: https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/185e488b0a314aced6ca8a93e468a652 I tried that, petsy, but it doesn't seem to change anything. 0122Update.txt
  5. Hi, I'm using the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security, and about a week ago it seems to have stopped updating. It now says the databases are extremely out of date, yet when I try to run an update, it doesn't do anything, just sits there at 0 KB downloaded with a blank update source. When it first happened, I got the message "Error resolving network name". I have a slight suspicion that Kaspersky might not be playing nice with my college wifi, as it seems to have started when I went back after winter break ended, but this has never happened before and I've been going here for a few years. I'm planning to go home over the weekend and test it on my home connection, but I would still like to get this resolved as quickly as possibly. Any help is appreciated! Edit: For curiosity's sake, I tried to update it remotely through my Kaspersky, it tells that that it could not send the command and to try again.
  6. Hi, and thanks for the welcome. This is what I'm seeing on my end: Clicking "Visit service provider website" just takes me to the Kaspersky site, and trying to enter my current key there to renew it doesn't work. For alerts, it's possible I turned those off accidentally, I'll switch them back on later if that's the case.
  7. Hello, my three-year Internet Security license just expired, and I've got some quick questions. First, while there is an option for replacing the license, I can't find one to directly renew it (Using the 2018 layout and the big "Renew" button isn't there). If memory serves I got the license with my computer when I first bought it in 2015 (got it from Best Buy I think), not sure if that factors in or not. Second, does Kaspersky give alerts when a product license is about to expire? I expected there would be a popup or something letting me know it was about to expire, but I never got any sort of notification.
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