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  1. Voici votre lien GSI qui ne révèle plas grand chose : https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/60b1a8b4061ca19448c06d475c708d06 Veuillez réinstaller KPM an tant qu'ADMIN. Dans le cas ou le problème persiste , veuillez contacter le Support technique https://center.kaspersky.com/fr et joindre dans votre demande : > Description du problème > Lien Log GSI > Capture d'écran
  2. Please see above comments , your Network Monitor is logging your uploads and downloads, getting more mb is the only option ...
  3. Getting a license for the full version is your best option , you can give it a try for one month.
  4. Veuillez coller/copier le lien de téléchargement sur _http://rgho.st du fichier ZIP dans votre prochain Post svp.
  5. Can you please try this : Settings > Additional > Network > Manage exclusions > Enter SMTP & POP server > Add + reboot. Also , can you please open "View certificate" and post a screenshot.
  6. You are welcome. Regarding (2) : Not for Windows Updates and Database Updates Also please keep an eye on : Kaspersky > More Tools > My Network > Network Monitor.
  7. Welcome. On top of your activity , Windows Updates and Database Updates are also consuming internet bandwith.
  8. In addition to above comments from indio , please check this : https://support.kaspersky.com/12489
  9. Bienvenu sur le Forum. La réponse est simple : “Oui”
  10. Can you please provide a GSI Log : https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system/
  11. Welcome. Please uninstall/reinstall KPM and connect the App to your MyKaspersky account to recover your vault that contains your data and passwords. Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaspersky.passwordmanager&referrer=af_tranid%3DVpcUOGDdet_ezfQRGjBaXw
  12. Welcome. Can you please provide a GSI Log : https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system/
  13. Is this problem occuring on entries with same domain ?
  14. Did you clear your Browser cache ?
  15. @sandgrubber Welcome on the Forum, Also , please try https://store.digitalriver.com/store/kasperus/en_US/help/ThemeID.38735700
  16. Welcome. Is this behavior not occurring when you temporarily pause KTS ? It looks like your Mail Client is prompting to make a connection with the Server. Also , please try this : Setttings > Additional > Network > Manage exclusions > Add POP & SMTP > Reboot.
  17. Bienvenu sur le Forum. Veuillez consulter le Support Technique svp https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/395923-assistance-en-cas-de-virus-ou-faux-positif/
  18. Bonjour, 1) Avez-vous vérifié la validité de vos adresses ? 2) Avez-vous essayé de créer/sauvegarder un fichier ".CVS" avec MS Excel ?
  19. Did you try this : > Select "Default Browser" in your Kaspersky Safe Money options > Enter your bank URL in the address bar of your Edge browser
  20. Bienvenu sur le Forum. 1) Veuillez télécharger KTS 2019 ici https://www.kaspersky.fr/downloads/thank-you/total-security 2) Installer KTS 2019 3) MAJ Bases de Données 4) Reboot
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