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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anybody might be able to provide some advice. We're currently using a centralised instance of Kaspersky Security Centre 10.5.1781 in our main data centre to manage around 1600 Endpoints with a mix of KES 11 and KES 10 devices at a number of local and remote sites. I'm wanting to know if its possible to, Distribute definition/application updates from a site server to endpoints based on a defined IP scope i.e. if the KLNAgent picks up the IP is at a particular remote office updates will be distributed from the local site server. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi Evgeny, Sorry to be a pain just re-read the help section on this. I'm not sure I want to disable this function as the read me states that this optional also controls the AV Database updates (Presumably these are the Anti virus definitions) We wish for all AV definitions to be updated automatically but we do not want to update application components. Is there anyway of segregating control? Thanks, Omar.
  3. Hello I noticed a few people where posting on this thread I created a while back. So really this is just for information. We encountered this problem when we had pf5036 and pf5067 installed to fix another issue that we had when we first rolled out KES11.0.0.6499 to our Windows 10 1803 Enterprise client. Tech support issued us pf5081 (installed alone) and resolved the user profile issue - but it also introduced a new problem which prevented Microsoft Direct Access from working (which we use as our remote connectivity solution). We were then issued pf5101 which has resolved all our problems and we're still using this private fix on both our Windows 10 1803 and 1809 Enterprise. Hope this helps.
  4. Good morning all, I've noticed a couple of agents that we're trialling Windows 10 1809 on have a prompt in the KSC Taskbar icon. Weirdly this prompt seems to be intermittent. i.e. I have 2 devices sat in the same policy that are on Windows 10 1809 running the exact same version of KSC with pf5101 one has the system tray notification and another doesn't. Sometimes when the devices are rebooted the prompt isn't present. When I click in the application it is asking me to update to v11.0.1. I've looked through the KES policy settings and seem to think this is being caused by a setting in our network agent policy. Can anyone confirm this setting would be responsible for this prompt? As I would much prefer we're managing these updates rather than giving people the power to install it themselves. We're having no known issues with the current private fix so I'm apprehensive about rolling this fix until it is fully internally tested. Thanks, Omar.
  5. Thanks Kirill I'll go via the company account support method. Just a question on the side. We have had been issued 3 private fixes (pf5036,pf5067,pf5081) for KES11 to fix issues we've had. Before we were told to try pf5089. My question is: should there only ever be one private fix applied to our client devices. i.e. can you let me know whether private fixes supersede the older private fixes?
  6. Just an update that I've been issued with a new pf5089 to trial. I'll be in touch with my findings.
  7. Good Morning, We've recently had pf5081 pushed out to our client machines to fix a problem were User Profile's where intermittently failing (see post here). Since installing this fix our clients using Microsoft Direct Access to remotely connect have experienced a deterioration in performance and reliability whilst connecting to network resources on our infrastructure. This includes issues such as: Intermittent loss of access to network drives Intermittent disconnections from remote desktop connections. Once the private fix is removed the issue is resolved. Please can you advise further what logs you require in order investigate this further. I've logged this via my company account with reference INC000009606755 Product: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows (Workstation Protection) Version: pf5036 pf5067 pf5081 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 x64
  8. Right I've been issued pf5081 - I've asked for the pf release notes if possible but have only applied to a couple of affected systems before rolling this out to our estate.
  9. Thanks Dmitry, I've logged with INC000009567050 and mentioned pf5070 in response to the case notes.
  10. See GSI Reports here I couldn't upload it to the forum as I got the attached error.
  11. Hi, I've had a quick look on the forums but couldn't find any articles for this. We've begun a roll out of Windows 10 1803 x64 Enterprise to our estate (all new clients are being issued with KES pf5036 & pf5067 ). I have noticed a problem where some of our clients are reporting intermittent profile failures when logging on to Windows This problem is resolved occasionally by rebooting the machine or by following the instructions in the below link. A symptom of this is also a duplication in the C:\Users\ part of Windows showing a list of duplicated temporary profiles (see screenshot) https://www.eightforums.com/threads/user-profile-service-failed-the-sign-in-fix-in-windows-8.38838/ The article above states even though its a fix for Windows 8 its still relevant to 10 and references the Microsoft article below stating that this issue can be caused by Antivirus programs scanning on startup: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/947215/you-receive-a-the-user-profile-service-failed-the-logon-error-message Is it possible someone could explain or post some documentation to show how we may be able to control the behavior of Kaspersky to prevent this issue. Thanks!
  12. Hi Ivan, Alongside this forum post we've had the call logged directly to your support team. We found that the problem was a conflict between Kaspersky (regardless of the version) and Microsoft ATP which was activated as part of a post image task. We ended up applying private fixes pf5036 and pf5067 to resolve the issue with and it now seems to work. Thanks,
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