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  1. Upon confirming, the service in KSC called Kaspersky Security Network proxy server is not running. Upon running the service, it's showing an error saying login failure. Upon further look, the login grant might be using an expired credentials. Changed the logon creds to "Local System account". I did not checked the "Allow service to interact with desktop" Service has started, KSC is able to communicate to KSN, KES is able to communicate to KSN!
  2. KSN again is not available. :-( Contacting support
  3. Oh, I disabled that one now and was able to reduce further the space. Thanks!
  4. Hi mastropizza, Are you referring to these settings? Before, the "Send dump and trace files" were disabled.
  5. Hi, I noticed that KES10 has taken most usage on my computer. The path in question is c:\programdata\kaspersky lab. There's a single 39GB file that has taken most of the usage. Any cleanup process that needs to be done (or automated) to avoid this from happening to my other deployments?
  6. Hi Ivan, Glad that it's sorted out. Just want to know, in the future, how can we know if KSN will have maintenance? Thank you.
  7. KSN is now Available on my computer. Though support has to come back with me an explanation why. I wonder what happened.
  8. Hi Kirill, I've registered and submitted a ticket with reference ID: INC000009211188 However, I cannot seem to link to here the file I attached on that ticket.
  9. I've also disabled the rest of the components except KSN and still the same BTW, here's the error when I upload the GSI file (3.4mb file size w/c is less than 4mb limit)
  10. I can't seem to upload any file though. Any idea why? BTW, I've done the following: removed my client from any policy disabled proxy connection Still the same, can't connect to KSN.
  11. May i know how to gather GSI report from my computer?
  12. To answer each of your questions btw Please specify if any network/traffic filtering-related software is installed on those specific hosts with the issue. none so far. windows firewall is even turned off. not using kes' firewall as well. Is there connection to KSC? Can update tasks be run? from the screenshot and its status now, no. what is the URL/port of the KSC for me to check? Is KSN proxy enabled for those hosts (this option makes KES communicate with KSN network through your KSC server)? no we are not using proxy If possible (if these workstations fall under a separate policy etc.), please switch the option and let us know the result. they're on the same policy
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