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  1. Thank you Gniblett @, at least now i know its a common procedure by Kaspersky (the two installs) possibly later dinminished to one only, so i dont have to worry about it. Nonetheless, if i still ave some energy left in january,as soon as i pay the renewal and possibly receive an email confirmation, i've decided to go back one year in time with a basic image and reinstall all programs,makes me feel more secure i cancelled all the litter and as regards KIS, itìll be fresher in a quicker pc. bestwishes for the new year to you and all those of this thread.
  2. I have noticed that ,after upgrading to v19, my Revo uninstaller lists two Kasperskys: Kaspersky 18 208mb and Kaspersky 19 286mb. Although i can spot no malfunction whatsoever-everything is utterly ok- i am now tempted to go against the famous: 'If it works dont fix it' axiom, as for a long practice i've always tried to keep things as simple as possible and the fact that such a huge update left two Kasperskys in the installed programs makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Why? Because there is a chance sooner or later there'll be either a malfunction or some sort of delay, in spite of the Kaspersky Lab techs expertise. Perhaps not, but i would now feel better to reinstall v19 ex novo with a clean one. This prompts a new question : I need to renew KIS in 18 days with a nice 55% discount and i will do it now or tomorrow. If I later use a 1 year old image to refresh my computer to a point in time when i didnt have KIS(or if i format): 1-should i use my 2018 code to reestablish the licence 2-its authomatic via the Cloud or MyKaspersky 3-a new code is given when you renew 4-better to ask Support Thanks to anyone who sheds light about this as i wouldnt like any hassle with the licence.
  3. The upgrade went very smoothly for me. After 12 days usage i can say there's absolutely no problem or slowdown. Perhaps because-in spite of having NVTEXERadar as well on top of SystemWatcher-which could apparently mess such an upgrade- i run Windows 7 pro and not the dreaded Win10. I've always made clean installs in the past of all sort of softwares,preferably,though. Now I got an ulterior question which perhaps can be solved in this post wihout opening a new one: I still have one month subscription - if I now put an old image dating back to more than a year ago when i didnt run KIS (actually i had Kaspersky Free) where should i download the 2019 version of KIS? will my previous 2018 licence be ok? or should i invest Support with this little problem?
  4. Yes,it updated by itself for me as well! I associate myself to Gniblett @ by saying it is really a nice feature and the process didnt interfere too much with normal whereabouts. Now I've got ,too.
  5. dh27564@,yes i'll keep in mind your recommendations. I'm not sure to have grasped what you mean with rule3-1,though: is it you can upgrade for 3 years ahead or go to a previous one year old version?
  6. Thank you Bernie for your prompt reply which sheds light upon all my questions. The only remaining thing is to find out if it's more convenient money-wise a renew with upgrade or a possible new licence bargain offer for 2019.
  7. I run KIS 2018. I've read the 2019 version has substantial improvements. My questions are: 1-Is it true,or improvements are negligible in comparison to 2018? 2-if i just renew the licence from within my program will those improvements be eventually downloaded and applied to my 2018 KIS install? 3-is the above thing more convenient than buying a new 2019 KIS? 4-If buyin a new licence for 2019,can it really and safely be installled on top of previous 2018, or is it better to make a fresh one? Thanks to all the good people who will clarify these points as it is my first renewal and there are few days left.
  8. I run Kaspersky IS 2018 and Windows 7 pro,which I prefer to 10. Today I remembered I always used to install EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) in my previous installations before Windows 10,so I downloaded it,in spite of actual lack of updates from MS. What I ask (before installing) is: with all the protection given by KIS or even the FREE edition,is it still necessary to install EMET to ensure max protection from exploits etc. or is it a redundant ,unnecessary measure?
  9. SafeMoney does not work with SRWare Iron 64bit (default browser) or Waterfox. It only works for a while with InternetExplorer then stops. It never did work since the beginning. Kaspersky IS 2018, Windows 7 64 bit. Anyone can offer a possible solution?
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