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  1. Sto provando da un paio di giorni un VPN da Private Internet Access / PIA.Siccome ho notato in alcuni momenti rallentamenti ho chiesto aiuto da parte del loro customer service.Le risposte sono state un po,strane.... '' Back to your main issue,Unfortunately, we do not support issues with Kaspersky due to potential compromises in security within the application. We find that this threatens user's privacy and security. You can find additional information via te following links: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/10/05/anonymous_report_russian_spies_used_kaspersky_lab_software_to_steal_nsa_secrets/ https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/10/russian-hackers-reportedly-used-kaspersky-av-to-search-for-nsa-secrets/ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/13/us-government-bans-kaspersky-lab-russian-spying. ''.............but we do not work with kaspersky.We also do not recommend for our customers. ''
  2. Full supported......,i cant stop laughing... I had a couple of tickets open with them regarding Vpn problems and this issue as well for MONTHS (can prove it ).Maybe is time to move to another company.. //Edit: I am closing this topic for 24 hours for a cooling off period. Three posts with plenty of bold, all caps, underlined is sufficient for now. When it is re-opened, please do not use excessive bold, underlined, all caps. No one likes being yelled at. The solution probably will be coming from tech Support, probably not from yelling at your readers on this forum. Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/ Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: a. Description of the issue. b. Screenshot, as needed. c. GSI
  3. I already spoke with the customer service about this issue a long time ago...Told me that is a problem that will get fixed with next updates...so...
  4. I write here seeing that after 1 month with technical support central we are still at send me that or that......so disappointed btw ,for their assistance.I'm am having problems using NordVpn with Kaspersky,i get slow loading time at first access and after a 1' or 2' seems to work until the connection drops again for a couple of minutes.It has to be Kaspersky seeing that everything works fine with it closed.Maybe is someone out there willing to help or had experienced this thing and managed to resolve it. Thanks!
  5. I have seen another thread here about this....funny.So Kaspersky detected this but i cannot find any information about this .
  6. I have tried both things...it goes to the same end.The strange thing is if put Kaspersky on pause protection lets say with the option until restart,nothing happens BUT i soon i kill it the video plays normally.... And another thing,on their website i can see this in the help sections for problems with videos,strange options i have if you ask me ''3. Disable the following: a. Firewall b. Browser extensions/add-ons c. Antivirus programs ''
  7. Hi, Thanks you for your help. 1.The anti-banner is already on . 2.I have tried going there,i can see only at the ''Private Browsing '' that (i have attached a print screen ) . It is so frustrating.. Thanks
  8. Hi, I need some help.I was having problems watching videos on a website www.skillshare.com .The videos where playing for only a couple of minutes before seeing a buffer problem and after that an error.I have tried all kind of things ,different browser(from Chrome to Firefox),installing flash player etc,before noticing that, if i close Kaspersky Internet Security the videos are playing as they should .How i can watch the videos with Kaspersky on ?.I have installed the version . Thank you !
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