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  1. I was unable to uninstall KIS 2013 from my laptop and desktop, every time I tried I ended up with the box I posted yesterday and I was so mad that I couldn't I decided to try a Critical Area scan on my laptop and it worked so I tried a Full Scan and that worked, So I tried the 2 scans on my desktop and they worked and completed and that's why I asked was there anything I could send to the lab to look into this. By the way Vulnerability scans have all completed during all these funnies. So I've got no idea what went on sorry. iechyd da I've added these from the report section showing you what I mean well I hope you understand lol
  2. Rich, Sorry I posted in the wrong place head had gone lol. Ok I tried to do an uninstall on both and ended up with the attachment I've uploaded, so I rebooted and scans started right away and have now completed Full and Critical area it's nuts mun what is going on lol. Anything I can do to try and find out what happened and so I can send it off to the guys at the lab to look at ???? iechyd da
  3. Hiya, I've started having these funnies again on both lappy and desktop, Full scan and Critical Area Scan will not finish, Vulnerability Scan works ok. GSI is green wall to wall and in attached http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e3a6614ac4c71a4 Also screenshot of scan in progress or not really and no matter how long I leave it the only things that change is the number of days and that goes up. iechyd da
  4. Rich, It just gets silly everytime I turn things on now lol. OK desktop is now back to as it was before the silliness started lol, Action Center back to normal, update working and scans all ok. Laptop update working ok scans ok and both are Green on the main module, the Action Center is still showing No KIS installed/out of date. It's crazy really because I've not done nothing, so maybe tomorrow when I turn Lappy on it will clear lol, Once again sorry to bother you and thanks iechyd da PS Hey hang on am trying to think back a few years (not easy these days lol) didn't we have something like this before with the Action Center??? and we had to do (something) can't bloody remember arrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh old age. Will check and get back
  5. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, well it's all gone crazy now, My desktop KIS 2013 has now updated and the scans seem to be running as normal and my lappy does apart from the action center alerts both still showing KIS 2013 not installed or up to date. This is crazy in a mess yesterday nearly sorted out today what is going on here? iechyd da
  6. OK sorry my bad, on my laptop my full scan has been running since 1pm yesterday and has only done 1% and has 15 days remaining, my Vun scan is telling me it has 3 days to go, update seems to have stopped but it was going all day yesterday. My PC seems to be ok ish apart from action center telling me I've got no protection on it and no matter what I do it stays the same. It's crazy lol iechyd da GetSystemInfo_PJJ_PC_PJJ_2013_03_26_07_54_21.zip
  7. Hiya All, OK I can there seems to be big problems after an update and I can only add my problems as well. First off My GSI is wall to wall Green all the way on my desktop, but scans are taking forever to run, I got no a/v ,security or fire wall so my action center tells me and it's for ever updating doing nothing. I'm running Windows 8 Pro and this only started a few days ago I think. Got the same problems on my new laptop and my GSI for that is the same wall to wall Green all the way. So can I take it that the problem is in KIS 2013 and would a full remove and re-install be in order or is a fix coming out??? iechyd da
  8. Hi Rich, Aye done all that and still no go, contacted T.S on the link above, I done another GSI and again green wall to wall lol. It has to be something small that I'm not seeing just my luck. iechyd da
  9. Rich, I think I've found it and carried out what you said but alas still the same. iechyd da
  10. Thanks for your reply Rich alas that's me stuffed as the key on the post is not anywhere on the registry above. It can only happen to me :dash1: :dash2: Laptop going out the window soon lol iechyd da
  11. Hiya Both, Here you go GSI and a screen shot of what it tells me. GSI is Green wall to wall. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9bcbe301c913aab crazy as this is the 1 I'm having problems with ggrr or maybe it's just me Rich :b_lol1: iechyd da
  12. Hiya All, Ok upgrade my Laptop to Win 8 Pro and know can't get my KIS 2013 (latest build ending 4190 b ) to install keeps coming back as Error 1402 could not open key, at this point it tells me I'm 12secs away from complete? I have used the removal tool and can't find any trace of Kis on my laptop, I have admin rights et al but still no joy. Any ideas and help would be great iechyd da
  13. Ok after further investigation it seems to be happening on my PC only. Sorry iechyd da PS Can someone close this thread out please Diolch yn fawr
  14. Hi, For the last several days my gadget has been playing up, After a scan, update et al it goes goes grey in the middle and not green with the tick but the other button and the only way to get it back is by removing it and then adding it again. It must only be a small bug in the scheme of things but it's a pain in the butt. I've uninstalled and re-installed KIS 2013 and it made no difference. Any idea's please? My GSI is green all the way. iechyd da
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