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  1. I keep getting a message stating that 'Secure traffic in Firefox is not monitored. To restore control restart Firefox'. It doesn't matter how many times I restart Firefox the notification keeps coming bac, How do I fix this? P'm sure this has happened before but can't remember how it was cured. Thanks, Mick
  2. Hi Berny Sorry to trouble you again but I have been trying to contact Technical Support but when I clink on the link you posted above I get taken to a dashboard and can't work out how to go on. Can you advise me please? Thanks, Mick
  3. Thank you Berny. Once I get to Technical Support what do I tell them? Sorry to so dumb but I'm not very experienced with Kaspersky and the way things are done. Does the link you posted take me directly yo Technical Support? Thanks again, Mick
  4. Thank you for your reply. I've counted from the end of January, when I started with Kaspersky, and there have been 56 entries showing in the detailed reports as 'Host Process for Windows Tasks' and 14 entries for 'Device Census'. There aren't any others and the recorded ones don't sound dangerous but I know very little about such things and would be grateful for your thoughts. They are irritating when they popup but hopefully that's about the only problem. Thanks, Mick
  5. o Kaspersky and have recently bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2018. My webcam is blocked which is fine as I rarely use it but I can't understand why I get so many alerts that the camera has been blocked each day. I get more than a dozen every morning starting soon after I turn the laptop on. Can people really be attempting to use my camera so often to look at and old person's tiny study? I'd be grateful for any advice.
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