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  1. With Kaspersky Antivirus (d), when our Java application tries to overwrite a file, it fails with "Incorrect function" (Kernel error is "STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST") . This error is present even when pausing AV, only exiting AV will solve the problem. As we have figured out, the problem only occurs when running the application with a self-built JVM (built from unmodified OpenJDK sources). When using Oracle's binaries, the problem does not reproduce. Hence, our suspect is that it's somehow related to the signature of the binaries. Still, we have to rely on our self-built VM. Any hints on how to resolve this problem are much appreciated. For the reference, this is the Java code snippet: public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { new FileOutputStream(new File("D:\\temp\\file")); } Which fails with following error: Exception in thread "main" java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\temp\file (Incorrect function) at java.base/java.io.FileOutputStream.open0(Native Method) at java.base/java.io.FileOutputStream.open(FileOutputStream.java:298) at java.base/java.io.FileOutputStream.<init>(FileOutputStream.java:237) at java.base/java.io.FileOutputStream.<init>(FileOutputStream.java:187) at Fos.main(Fos.java:13) -Marc
  2. I've added the git.exe executable to Settings - Additional - Threats and Exclusions - Specify trusted applications, but it doesn't help. Only turning off both System Watcher and File Monitor entirely helps. I guess your developers are using Git, too, so they should be able to reproduce the slowdown using the test script I've posted above.
  3. I've upgraded since a week or so (as suggested by technical support). With I haven't seen the hangs anymore, so this particular problem seems to be solved. I'm still experiencing a general slowdown of about 50%. Most additional time seems to be consumed by the System Watcher and somewhat more by the File Anti-Virus.
  4. The Anti-Virus reproducibly interferes with Git for Windows: when running a small batch file which "git add"s one file after another, I experience random "hangs" during batch file execution. Hangs are in the range of a few hundred ms up to several seconds. During a hang, other parts of the system (and other applications) are affected as well, for example SysInternal's ProcessExplorer stops responding (if running in "Show Details for All Processes" mode). Hangs vanish immediately after shutting down the Anti-Virus (Exit). Just pausing protection or disabling File Anti-Virus or System Watcher is not sufficient. I'm experiencing this kind of problems since a couple of weeks only, so it might have been introduced in a recent version only. This is the batch file which I'm running in an empty, initialized Git repository: set /a "c=1" git rm sub/* mkdir sub set GIT_EXEC="C:\Program Files (x86)\Git-2.14.1\bin\git.exe" :loop echo "loop %c%" set /a "c=%c%+1" echo "test" > sub\file%c%.txt %GIT_EXEC% add sub/file%c%.txt goto loop System Details: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Windows 8.1
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