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  1. I have tried to go there. First, they said they would send me to more expert techs. Then they hung up on me, I had to call them because the hackers would not let me into that address. I've been hacked since mid-2012. I am disabled and founded a charity to help those disabled by what I am. One of the people on my board of directors was a computer expert, he had his own YouTube channel. His computer, which he had built, crashed and he was broke. Instead of asking me for a loan he hacked the charity and used its email 586 times. I called him and told him to stop, he hung up. We had a board meeting and voted him off. I sent him a certified letter and within one day was hacked and have been since. Comcast security finally answered my pleas for help and on October 15, 2015 we were on the phone at 11:00AM EST, the security tech told me that my equipment had been 'pinged' 406,402 times between 9:00AM and 10:00AM that same morning. Over 80 countries and 300+IP addresses were at that time trying to get into my wi-fi account. Comcast theorized that the thieving board member put my personal information on black hat hackers' place where they can be reached. I have been working with the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and the international police ( I forget their name). This all emanates from a man in Chile who has 10 servers all bigger than Comcasts', they have been blacklisted by some of the largest companies and over 120 countries. I haven't any choices to make except to hire someone to hunt him down. I'm disabled remember? It is now, as you know, 2018 and I have no help, I had to shut down the charity because they opened an account in our PayPal account and diverted all internet donations to themselves. Nice people huh? I can't even guess what Alan Eisenberg told them about me to get them to do all this. I've had 7 computers cleaned out, by Apple, and one computer fully destroyed but it was still under warrantee so apple gave me a new one, besides they had never seen one destroyed like mine. The screen was totally black with the cursor floating like a fish. Weird. My wife wants me to give up, no more computer. I say NO WAY! It is almost my only way to keep in touch with humanity. The only word I will leave you with is...........................help.
  2. I have two Mac's. I have installed "secure" connection on both. Kaspersky's "secure" connection is so unsecure (yes I mean unsecure) my spell correction keeps changing the spelling to insecure, "secure" connection is not capable of feelings. In true, accurate fact........"secure" connection from Kaspersky does the job its supposed to do for about 20-30 seconds before I get a 2 second notification that comes out and back in to the upper right side telling me "secure" connection is no longer connected. It can accurately be called a 'gimmick'.
  3. I have a mac account, 1 person 5 devices. Whenever I log into my "Dashboard" Different devices are either protected or not!? I made purchase at www.harrysholsters.com, a Kaspersky pop-up appeared telling me they did not have a valid Certificate. I 'advised' the pop-up that even though you had made me aware, I didn't care and wanted to go ahead with the purchase. Kaspersky ignored me and another way was chosen to do business. (In fact I completely trust harrysholsters honesty.) As far as my having bought protection for 5 devices I can only see on my account my wife's computer. Depending on what day or even what time of day her computer is protected or disconnected. The statement made on my account by Kaspersky is "if you are disconnected you absolutely can not be re-connected!" However re-connection is common! I can not find any list of coverable devices. I'm curious as to whether any planning went into having mac accounts at all? I'm frustrated and shopping. Hackers have take control of my computer fully when they please.

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