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  1. OK, I think this happened again with upgrade to V11.1 - some of the policy settings were wiped out after updating administration plugin for KES 11.1. Most notable of them being the protected resources under HIPS. As there have been some other minor issues I'm creating a completely new policy to also help to troubleshoot the Meraki agent issue I have posted in another thread. This bring me to question: If I follow the instructions posted here https://support.kaspersky.com/14742#block5 is it still possible to add all the protected file types in a single list as shown below or do I have to make separate rule for every file extension? Instructions for v11 is not clear about that. EDIT: also noticed that I'm missing a "." dot in front of an extension.
  2. I don't think you can make exclusions for specific devices. You can either disable the feature completely or enable use of on-screen keyboard for authorization.
  3. I had exactly the same thing happen on one machine yesterday with the standalone installer I had created. Had to completely remove any traces of KES and do a clean install.
  4. Issues with Meraki System Manager agent are back in v11.1. Just a friendly warning to anyone using Meraki to manage their systems and planning to roll out latest version of KES. I have already opened a case in company account regarding this.
  5. Hello, Yes, been running since it was released. All good so far.
  6. Hello, Not sure if it works that way. Pretty sure it wont. Why not just use KSC? If you want to manually approve every update just change the Update Task.
  7. Any update on this? Since this started happening KES 11.1 has been completely unusable on most machines I run it. Constantly turning itself on and off and being completely unstable. On some machines I actually had to remove it as it started to cause system instability, block all web traffic and generate ARP attack false positives.
  8. I don't think it does. You do get a notification is KSC when a new version of Kaspersky software has been released. Though when clicking the message it's usually impossible to tell what has actually been updated. I think this could be much improved.
  9. I agree that the information could be even more detailed. That said, it is included in Select. It's not installed by default so you have to manually check it.
  10. Hello, Strange. I have created a new link and posted it in reply to my original message.
  11. Hello, I have created a new GSI report and collected a new set of traces while the problem occurs with the newer beta version. Sent to KLCentralSupport
  12. The behavior manifest on a clean install as soon as I hit the Start button to begin downloading updates. After that Kaspersky keeps unloading and blocking itself as well as other various processes. As this began spontaneously out of the blue, I would think that something broke with some module or signature update.
  13. Settings sent to KLCentralSupport On this particular machine from which I exported the settings the File and Web Threat Protection heuristics is set to maximum, other settings are default. But the similar behavior manifests on other machines too with default settings.
  14. I would also like to clarify that I'm managing KSC from a workstation with only management console installed. I have updated plugins on this management station not on the server itself. If this makes any difference.
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