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  1. Excuse me???? Look at this (Belgium)... unbelievable!!
  2. And I confirm, dear Sir, that As I said more than once now, first you guys closed my request because you said you haven't recieved any mail (LOOK AT THE PROOF ABOVE PLEASE!). After that I got a message from your support Service that their was no attachment (Which is it.??..again, look at the proof above). Then you stated that there were no NEW attachements. Are you joking?? It's been 15 days (!!!) now and still no solution. And eh... look at what I've found after a few seconds of research on Secure Connection. It's like I read about my own situation with this vpn! This is VERY frustrating, and if you guys handle a case in such a way, you can't expect a customer to stay nice and calm now, can you? Listen, if there's a solution, I will be the first to come back here and yell it from the rooftops. If not I'll do the same to anyone who wants to listen. I'll give it a few more days. Then I will expect a refund and that will be the end of "Secure connection" for me.
  3. How do you explain this while other mails that I've sent the last days (with attachments) to other mail addresses are received without any problems. But Kaspersky claims that they did not receive my mails. It clearly shows the right e-mail address...
  4. Here's the mail after which Kaspersky changed my request status to "Closed" (???). All mails where sent with the 3 wanted attachments. Also The mails went through without any notification of any error whatsoever.
  5. No I've recieved a mail that you guys did not recieve my attachements (again!!). So I make an attachment on this message with the proof that the mail was sent with 3 attachments!!
  6. Did all that and I've contacted you guys with the explanation, screenshot and all other necessary attachments. After that the issue was closed by your service. Afterwards I have sent you my mail in attachement which clearly shows the right address and date of which you've stated you've never recieved.
  7. It's been 10 days with no solution whatsoever! Even worse, I've sent a last mail on 26 november with the statement that there still was no cure with their suggested solutions. That mail got through without any problem as I just clicked "answer" so the mail was sent to the right address. Not difficult to prove this. I never got an answer... until today where they they put my request status on "CLOSED". Checked my spamfolders, no mail from Kaspersky customer service solution (which is normal because the Kaspersky mail addresses are under "trusted" in my mail program). So now they make me create a new request! This service is below average and I'm loosing my patience!!! To be continued...
  8. Still no cure. The issue persists. Can't even login for my subscription...
  9. Just recieved an e-mail from technical support. It seems to be a known issue. Kaspersky Labs developers are currently working on a solution. We need to wait for the issue to be fixed. I will report back when it's resolved.
  10. Oh? Ok, what did they tell you to do to solve the problem? I've send a ticket request to technical support with an error report. Still no sign of life and still the same problem....
  11. For a whole day now Kaspersky secure connection fails to establish a connection. "Try again later" seems to be the only solution the program offers. I've changed absolutely nothing on my computer and my Wi-Fi connection runs flawless. I demand a refund for every day that the program fails to work!! Yeah, yeah, I've send a ticket request...
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