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  1. Александр, прошу уточнить сценарий: все категории были отмечены как запрещающие и были созданы правила разрешения для конкретного URL'а, верно?
  2. Александр, добрый день! По поводу задачи "Управление сетевым экраном": по умолчанию мы не публикуем в журнал событий действия по блокировке входящего трафика. Вы можете изменить данную настройку в параметрах "Журналов и событий", выбрав предварительно соответствующий компонент. По задаче "Защита трафика", мы учтем данные пожелания. По фильтру для Журнала безопастности - завели дефект. Спасибо за информацию.
  3. Wunschname777, hello! Sorry for my late response. I'm checked your information and yes, this situation is reproduce very easily. Thank you for information, we are fixed it on the next builds.
  4. Wunschname777, hello! It looks like correct. Why? Because you should enter the full web-link to the operator label. I mean if this web-resource is use http-protocol, you should set http://www.microsoft.com/ as the operator, or you should use https://www.microsoft.com/ if it is use https-protocol. The correct rules must be looks like: Thank you for feedback, we are going to add description area with examples, to the best user understanding how this feature work.
  5. Wunschname777, Hello! We know about this problem and we were fixed it in the next builds. Thank you for this information, we are pressure this.
  6. wunschname777, Hello! We try to reproduce your test case on the our test machine - everything looks fine... Could you enable please the product traces and reproduce your test case again? If you send the product traces it will be very helpful for us. Plus, if you send us the report of SoC task (ODS task with USB_ prefix) it will be very awesome! Thank you!
  7. HafizKnow, hi! You need to install the Microsoft Outlook software and our Outlook plugin to use antivirus and antipshishing functionality. Without Outlook you can't use protection functionality. Mainly we targeted to use this functionality on the terminal servers, where the Microsoft Outlook application was installed. Can you tell me please, you use webmail in your organization or you use another mail application (not web version)?
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