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  1. Could this be added in the future? Our default policy in our company is to disable network connectivity on a local machine if virus activity is suspected. However we cannot run a local scan without enabling local task management. However the default local task settings interfere with the group tasks and the local scanning defaults are too aggressive.
  2. The problem seems to have appeared on the new server :-/ I have created a new support request with the GSI report: INC000008544608
  3. Well my server (VM) died "Disk I/O error" (this is a virtual disk, not a physical one). Built a new VM server to host Kaspersky Security Centre from scratch, this issue hasn't reappeared...
  4. We have the same issue. Selecting software updates, right clicking and selecting "delete update files" gives us the following message: "update files have been successfully queued for removal and will be delete in a few minutes." Checking back again days later and the update is still there.
  5. I will get those trace files for you, probably tomorrow. Regarding the tasks, do you mean "Install update" or "install required update and fix vulnerabilities"?
  6. I have uploaded the GSI report and KES policy to a support request: Request ID: INC000008525649
  7. I do not see how this data is relevant for troubleshooting - however it does list our entire infrastructure which I am not willing to upload.
  8. No I have redone all policies from scratch, including KES. Today MS Excell 2013 seems to be slowing down dramatically, but not when File Anti-Virus is disabled.
  9. Yes I've just done so. Update: I have since cleared the folder c:\programdata\kasperskylab\adminkit\1093\.working\ftserver and wusfiles, deleted all tasks and re-created them and seeing what happens. I did so because it had used an additional 150gb since this morning (using a total of 670gb just for those two folders). I have also just received this error message from the new windows update sync task: "Assertion "nSize && nSize < 100*1024*1024" failed". Patch A has been installed already.
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