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  1. Hi Evgeny, One of my colleague's Win7 Notebook has the BSOD at this afternoon and named the klim6.sys cause the problem. I have follow your step to rename the file and waiting for the test result. However, I have a bit of doubt, On my case, I'm using Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 5) which is newly purchase in Oct 2017, 1. I have no problem with Network Agent 10.4.343 and Endpoint from start to use till the end of Jan 2018 2. If my ThinkPad's drivers is not update, but I found the driver "klim6.sys" is dated on Oct 2016 in or, it should not more update than my Notebook drivers. 3. In last Saturday, I have downgrade one Lenovo ThinkPad X250's Endpoint from to, the user reported today without any problem till now. 4. In, the "klim6.sys" is dated on Jun 2017, does it means it is newer than the version of 5. If it is the driver problem instead of pattern problem, can I copy the klim6.sys from to to test? Thanks a lot to follow up my case.
  2. Hi Evgeny, I have not test this situation, will test it later because I have uninstalled the Endpoint. However, my boss try to not connect his Surface Pro 4 to the docking unit and it is work fine over an hour in this morning, then, plug the docking unit to his Surface Pro, the BSOD immediately happened. All of our docking unit has Ethernet port, my docking unit model is ThinkPad USB-C Dock (LV30-40A90090UK). Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi all, The following link is my full GSI report and BSOD mini dump, please help to check. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11-cM0C5j1XDx4HWWmkDVnWICGOZwNwbf Please note my GSI report is doing at uninstalled Kaspersky Status. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi Eveny, GSI report will provide later. I have tried to reboot after update completed, however, all Notebook computer with docking unit have the same problem. All of the user have the same problem a few times in a day. I have downgrade one of the Endpoint to and under observe, will update the result on next Monday or Tuesday. We mainly use Lenovo ThinkPad X 2xx series and ThinkPad X1 Carbon Notebook and one set Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I don't know whether is the conflict of any Windows update with the newly updated pattern, because I have no problem in January.
  5. Hi, I have experienced some problems after the pattern update at a few days ago(around Feb). However, all of the problems were happened at Notebook user with docking unit and not yet receive any desktop user report the same problem. The following are the symptoms, Endpoint version:,, observe) Network Agent: 10.4.343 (a), 10.2.434(e) 1. Network drive disconnect and all network service stopped(Exchange, RDP), after a few minutes, all network service resumed – Windows 7 and Windows 10 2. Windows 10 suddenly auto reboot and blue screen a few times a day My Windows 10 Notebook also experienced this problem. After uninstall the Endpoint and Network Agent, my Notebook resume normal, no disconnect network drive, no auto reboot and blue screen. Anyone has the same problem? Any solution?
  6. Hi all, After a few days update, seems the symptom come back again. The following screen capture from the update agent and enclosed the klnagchk for reference. The whole scope just updated on 11/11/2017 Please help to check the problem, I have downgrade the network agent to 10.2.434e again to prevent the pattern update stopped. Leo C05107_klnagchk.txt
  7. Hi all, I found the problem same as before in this morning. After remove the update agent from the list and add it again, it resume to normal. After checking the update agent, I found the Network Agent was updated from 10.4.343 to 10.4.343 SF1. Seems the update agent role need to reset after the network agent was updated. Leo
  8. Hi all, After patched the KSC to 10.4.343 SF1, the problem seems fixed now. Thanks a lot. Hi puthearith070, After patch the KSC, I have faced the same problem and then remove the update agent from the list and add it again, the problem solved, you can have a try. Leo
  9. Hello, Which version is the latest network agent? Since the KSC is production server, not yet install the patch A. The following is the result of klnagchk of the Update Agent Machine. Leo
  10. Hello, Is it NA 10.4.343 cannot be an update agent with KSC 10.4.343? My scenario: KSC: 10.4.343 Client Side: NA: 10.4.343 Endpoint: The problem: When the client was assigned as a update agent, it cannot download anything from KSC and the working folder just has 27.x KB. It also cause all of the client in the update agent scope cannot update. And the Endpoint cannot update itself when the client act as Update Agent and always said "Update files are corrupted". However, after downgrade the Network Agent to 10.2.434, all of the update back to normal. Kind Regards, Leo
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