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  1. How to update components via locally

    Hi, I mean when a new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security is available how does the installation occurrs, the KES installed on the client updates itself from internet or KSC download the installation package and then install it on the client machines? Grettings!
  2. Hi, There is any way to update Kaspersky Network Agent and Kaspersky Endpoint Security from the Security Center and not via internet? For example, download the package, save it in a folder where KSCenter is installed, and then the client machines download from there. Thank you!
  3. I will read the documentation about WSUS. But is there is any way to send the downloaded updates to another folder that is not the KLSHARED folder that KSC creates automatically, insted send them to another shared folder with more capacity. Greetings.
  4. Here it is. Yes I'm aware, but I searched for tutorials about how KSC as WSUS works but I couldn't find one yet. We bought the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced license.
  5. The version of Kaspersky Security Center is
  6. Fatal error during the installation

    I have to install the KES on the client and then install the network agent with the KSC Installer and after that the KSC recognized the host.
  7. Fatal error during the installation

    Hi, After installing the Kaspersky Endpoint Security in the machine how do I communicate with the KES Adminsitration Server?
  8. Hi, Is there is any way to use a computer as repository for windows updates in order to download the updates in a computer and then install that updates to others machines locally (via network) and not via internet in all the computers in order to don't saturate the bandwidth. Greetings.Insertar otro material
  9. Fatal error during the installation

    Hi, But the problem is when I try to install the agent network, not installing the KES.
  10. Fatal error during the installation

    Hi, I run the task with a domain account who has admin privilegies, the destination machine is an hp pavilion notebook. I tried to install it before but I had some issues with the machine and after I tried to install it again that error appears. The KSC Version is Another machine gave me the same error, but before that I had a problem with the installation, the error said that it was a problem trying to uninstall macafee agent (generic). But in all the machines in which I'm installing the Kaspersky Agent have that macafee agent and I had no troubles with the automatic uninstalling, so why I'm having troublees with this specific machine. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I'm installing Kaspersky in a company and I had troublees with some machines that give me the error "Remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: Fatal error during installation". It doesn't give any more details, but I look in the "Temp" directory of that machine which is inside the "$admin" folder but I don't see nothing specific with the error. TEMP LOGS.rar
  12. Hi, Thank you the other day I saw this option and I test it. Thank you!
  13. Hi, There is a way to avoid users to remove kaspersky network agent? For example I did that with KES for Windows by disabling the "Display program interface" checkbox, that works fine but what if an user removes the network agent? Is there is a way to do the same as KES but with the network agent? Greetings!