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  1. For Firefox Open Firefox > Go to "about:config" > search for "security.tls.version.max" > change the value from 4 to 3 > Restart Browser after. Hope this will help
  2. Try this workaround Open Chrome > Go to chrome://flags/ > Search TLS 1.3 then disable it. Hope this will help
  3. Try this > Settings > Performance > Uncheck 'Release resources to the operating system when computer starts" Check if you still have High CPU load.
  4. Try upgrading to latest version ( (h): Exit Kaspersky on system tray. Download and Install from this link: https://support.kaspersky.com/#s_tab Check if issue persist.
  5. Also, plus checking system date as indicated in the post above. Trying to run a clean boot, then try to re-activate your product.
  6. Also, You could try to skip the update, so you won't receive any updates from that application.
  7. Check if virtualization is turn on. Task Manager > Performance > Virtualization If not, turn it on then recheck.
  8. When running in Win10 RS5, did u try to uninstall and re-install Kasp?
  9. Run database update, then restart computer, check after.
  10. Try this: Settings > Additional > Network Under encrypted connections scanning click on errors during encrypted connections scan then a drop-down then choose Ignore
  11. What is the version of your Kaspersky? Check your date and time if it's correct. Check your proxy server settings Settings > Additional > Proxy Server > Do not use proxy server settings Re-run database update Check if issue persist If issue persist, restart computer and re-run database update. Check again.
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