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  1. We travel with a single laptop so we each have a user account on it. Windows allows this and word/excel, etc do to. We do not want to share a mykaspersky account as we do not want access to each others password vault. It then sort of gets messy because you may have KTS connected to one mykaspersky and the two KPMs connceted to to more. Your advice appreciated and i will rebuild one windows laptop from scratch and see how it behaves before logging a ticket with support.
  2. Thanks Berny and that makes great sense. Starting with a brand new laptop, and a 5 licence KTS i want to do the following 1) Install windows, creating the admin account MY_ADMIN and install all the software including the kaspersky components. 2) Define two normal users, on the laptop. NIGEL and KAREN who both have individual myKaspersky accounts. 3) Add a licence key to Kaspersky Total security and connect it to the mykaspersky account of NIGEL. I logoff from MYADMIN 4) Login as NIGEL and setup KPM with the mykaspersky account of NIGEL. 4) Login as KAREN and setup KPM with the mykaspersky account of KAREN: How many licences did i use and in whose myKaspersky account do they show up. N
  3. Hi, I have a PC running windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I have a 5 licence pack for Kaspersky Total Security. My wife and i have individual accounts on the PC and we both use Kaspersky password manager but have different myKaspersky logins so that we do not share our passwords. 1) For Total security, is it just the one licence and is the licence allocated to the first person who logs into my Kaspersky. 2) For Kaspersky password Manager, do we use 1 or two licences? Who are they allocated too? 3) If the login inb number 1 is to my mykaspersky, what happens when my wife reboots the PC and logs in as her and her password manager connects to her myKaspersky? N
  4. Hi, i fully support the ability to customise and save the desired length of generated passwords. Even Kaspersky tell you it should be 15 or more characters. See https://www.kaspersky.co.uk/blog/safer-internet-day-2018/12852/ SUpport also two factor authentication. Previous release had "Linked" accounts but it was removed in the current release. I use sites that share a userid/password, an example iswww.ebay.co.uk www.ebay.de and www.ebay.ch. I now have to create three entries and manually change the KPM entry of all of them if i update a password. Also, the password quality checker now shows them as duplicate before it did not. For the password quality checker, It flags some sites as weak password but in reality they are 5 digit PINs so always weak. I would like to be able to select them for exclusion as i just get a horrible long list and it hides my real password problems. For the password quality checker, add an option to check for the days since a password was changed and report it if over nnn days (I get to configure nnn and save it).. N
  5. I found version / 1525726256_5001 on the Kaspersky website. Installed and it fixes this problem for me. Thanks
  6. Hi, reply from Kaspersky is that the functionality, available in , does not exist in v. A product improvement request has been submitted but i dont hold out hope.
  7. Hi. No update in a while so created a technical support request. Today I received notification the functionality is missing and it was been passed to another team. Will update next I hear. N
  8. Hu, thanks for the response. I found a screenshot from the old version of KPM with the "link" button on it (attached). If i can find this button and functionality i am solved. I tried your suggestion but that is not the functionality i want, it just creates a second userid/password for one of my ebay entries in KPM. I cant downgrade to the old KPM version without doing am image restore of my hard drive. Is there an file i can download for the previous release as all i can see is the new version and i had an old kpm installer but it just goes the the website and downloads version 9. KPM - Link Userid Screenshot.pdf
  9. Hi, With ebay as an example, YOu have one ebay ID/ password for all sites worldwide. If you login to www.ebay.co.uk and www.ebay.ch KPM creates two distinct entries with identical userid/password. Not a problem but 1) If I change it on www.ebay.co.uk, KPM still has the old password for www.ebay.ch and when i login it fails and i have to manually update KPM with the new password. 2) Using KPM check on password issues, it flags this up asa security issues as the same password is used on two sites. Annoying rather than a real problem My old release had the functionto link accounts https://help.kaspersky.com/kpm/win8.6/en-us/86338.htm .AFter which, i could change a password and it was reflected in both KPM entries. KPM password check was happy. I installed the new release and it unlinked the two accounts so i have problems 1 and 2 again. ALso, i looked to relink then but there is no longer any option to do this. The functionality has gone. If i can get the old version, i don't mind recreating this and taking the screenshots but will take a few days. I had a forum article describing the account linking and i think there are screen shots. Search account linking in the KPM forum should find it. N
  10. Hi, i had Kaspersky password manager and i used the link account functionality. I just upgraded to v. and the accounts have been unlinked and i do not find how to re-link the accounts. Was that intentional and if so, what functionality replaces because now i have to o it manually and the password security checker tells me there are now duplicates. N
  11. Took some time but i found how to do it. Using my ebay examples. 1) I edited Ebay.de and linked it to ebay.ch account 2) I edited Ebay.co.uk and linked it to ebay.ch account 3) I edited Ebay.com and linked it to ebay.ch account Result is now all four accounts are linked and changing password and/or userid on any one of the four changes the other three. KPM could be more user friendly here but I only have ebay, vistaprint and Amazon so not really worth requesting and waiting for product improvement. Product improvement would be to allow selection of multiple items on the attached screenshot. N KPM - Link Userid Screenshot.pdf
  12. Hi, using Ebay as the example, 1) I registered on www.ebay.co.uk and KPM saved my userid/password. 2) I signed in to www.ebay.de, with my www.ebay.co.uk userid/password and KPM saved these too but as a separate entity. 3) In KPM, I linked the www.ebay.co.uk account with the www.ebay.de account. This works well so that if i change my password, whilst signed in to either site, KPM changes both entries. This is what i want and how i believe it should work. 4) I now logged in to www.ebay,ch and www.ebay.com, both with my www.ebay.co.uk userid/password and KPM saved these as two new entries. Now i have 4 all havng the same userid/password. What i want to so is link, in KPM, the two new entries also to www.ebay.co.uk. KPM wont let me. So, if I change my password www.ebay.co.uk, KPM udates that entry and www.ebay.de as they are linked, The other two I have to update manually. Same is true for sites like vistaprint too, where you have a single userid/password that works when you sign in to different countries. N
  13. Hi, i have Kaspersky password manager and i really like it. I just tried some account liking and have two questions. 1) I use ebay in countries (UK,CH,DE,USA) with the one account/password. I tried to link all 4 accounts but it seems Kaspersky will only allow me to link two (UK <-> DE). How can i link all 4 so when i change the password one one, it is reflected for all. 2) Weird but for some sites I have two login IDs thar have the same password. I tried to lik these accounts but Kaspersky wont allow me to link within the same ENtry. ANy suggestions. N
  14. Yep. That is the problem. Seems to work fine while it does all the latency tests but shortly after it starts up/DOWNLOADING Data to all those servers it fails. Web antivirus is the suspect as disable it and speed test works every ime.
  15. Geraner, i think you misunderstood the definition of my problem. I can and do run ExpressVPN very happily all over the world in fact never had a problem. However from time to time, i need to use the speedtest function of expressvpn. So, i disconnect the vpn and run the "speedtest" option (See attached screenshot) which does a latency test and linespeed tests against all expressVPN servers worldwide. This fails, everytime, in every country and that is my problem. I am interested if it works for you. Nigel
  16. Hi, I did exactly as you had written with the additional steps of removing the trusted application definitions before the reboot.I then ran the speedtest and had Exactly the same problem as i started with. I can recreate this on two laptops, several networks and wifi or ethernet. ExpressVPN recreated it first time i spoke to them. Whilst the trusted application make it work, it is not ideal. The other thing that makes it work is to deactivate the web antivirus component but i do not like that either. This should work out of the box but as speedtest is only used around 15 times per year, i can get by with the trusted application as i only activate these rules for the speedtest and then deactivate them (Safer than exiting kaspersky completely for 5 minutes). Everything else works fine and i dont want to change to another security product nr another VPN.
  17. Hi, after some good work with the support tea from Kaspersky, the expressVPN speedtest nw wrks fine. The solution was to add muliple trusted applications. The instructions i received are cut/pasted below. Files for exclusion:c:\program files (x86)\expressvpn\xvpnd\xvpnd.exec:\program files (x86)\expressvpn\pss\pssilent.exec:\program files (x86)\expressvpn\bootstrap\amd64\nssm.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ExpressVPN\xvpnd\windows\xvutil\XvUtil.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ExpressVPN\xvpn-ui\ExpressVpn.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ExpressVPN\xvpnd\windows\openvpn.exeA. To add the files to the Trusted applications list, please follow the instructions below: To exclude a program please perform the following steps:1. If the main window of Kaspersky application is not on your desktop, bring it up by double-clicking the Kaspersky desktop shortcut (icon) or by double clicking on the Kaspersky icon in the bottom right corner of the screen;2. Click on the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of the Kaspersky window;3. On the left side menu select 'Additional';4. On the right side menu select 'Threats and Exclusions';5. Under 'Exclusions' click on 'Specify trusted applications';6. Click 'Add';7. Pick an application from the list or click 'Browse' in the bottom left corner to manually locate the application (.exe file).8. Check the necessary boxes (check all of them) and press 'Add'9. Repeat for all files.
  18. Indio, thanks or the info and your help. For my situation, it is important enough to follow up so i will open a support ticket.
  19. Hi, i did try to get a screen shot of the error message / popup but screenshot would not work. However i have seen it often before so here is a screenshot from a previous failure.
  20. Hi, apologies or the delay, can recreate it on demand, on a second laptop with no backup software. Took both to work and can recreate it on my works network. Tried wifi and Ethernet can recreate it on both. In fact i never got it to work. Now down to the diagnostics. I just recreated it as per your instructions. I cleaned up, stopped all backups and onedrive, etc stopped kaspersky and expressvpn speedtest worked fine, started kaspersky reran expressvpn speedtest and it failed. My diary is below and the three getsysteminfos are loaded. ENjoy, good luck and thanks 16:00 - Stop backup services nd any ibvios ones. delete appdata/temp, delete bin, clear events 16:16 - reboot with everythng stopped 16:17 - run first getsysteminfo 16:0 - extract and loaf getsysteminfo https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=f32de96bfe7be7c4b1ce15df8ce2b8cb - unknowns Running processes => C:\Program Files (x86)\ExpressVPN\xvpnd\xvpnd.exe" --workdir "c:\programdata\expressvpn\v4\\" --client-version 6.3.0 --client-build --quiet start Running drivers => C:\Program Files (x86)\ExpressVpn SplitTunnel Driver\driver\expressvpnsplittunnel.sys Scanned folders C:\WINDOWS\system32 [2] => C:\Windows\System32\HeatCore.dll => C:\Windows\System32\vmstaging.dll 16:36 - Exit Kaspersky 16:37 - start expressvpn speedtest - Max cpu spike 50%, then around 15%, max memory 20%, max disk 1%, Max network 10% 16:43 - expressvpn speedtest completes sucessfully 16:43 - restart kaspersky 16:45 - system check and cpu 10%, memory 20%, disk and network < 1% 16:46 - start expressvpn speedtest - Max cpu spike 50%, then around 15%, max memory 20%, max disk 1%, Max network 10% 16:48 - Expressvpn has stopped working, windows popup box (Seen before as either i get this or it hangs) 16:49 - run getsysteminfo "Forgot event logs" https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=c7cafaea997cf9b9bd4d415dc204de91 16:58 - run getsysteminfo "with eventlogs" https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=597f188e4950eed8c02ea1ba8884ac83 17:15 - Set all services torestart and reboot
  21. I cleaned up, as per comments of Indio. Reboot and rerun. With Kaspersky stopped, speedtest works every time in less than 2 minutes. With kaspersky, speed test never works but either hangs or terminates abnormally (See screen shot). RAm, DIsk, nETWK are all below 15%, CPU hits 50% then drops to around 4%.
  22. Hi, I run expressVPN and kaspersky total security 18. ExpressVPN functions fine except when i do a "speedtest" as this will either han or terminate abnormally. I worked with expressVPN technical support and they suggested I exclude it within kaspersky. This was done but i still have the problem. i then rebooted my computer, "exit" kaspersky and can run the ExpressVPN successfully. For me i seems the kaspersky exclusion is not working so attach a screenshot of the kaspersky exclusion gui and GetSystemInfo can be found at http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=de08a14d7e34c397ddda9c679c6101db Regards, n
  23. Hi, a couple of functionality questions The password generator seems to default to 12 characters. I refer 15 and can change it but i have to do that each time. Can i change it so it defaults to 15. I use EBAY UK, DE, CH. So i have three accounts, how can i get this zo a single account as EBAY shares the password? Linked accounts ?
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