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  1. That did it! A couple Update Agents had network polling enabled automatically. I had to uncheck the automatic assignment option to disable it but network polling stayed disabled after re-enabling it. Thank you!
  2. Yes, I will need access to the FTP if there are issues with OneDrive.
  3. OK, I have sent the traces to KLCentralSupport.
  4. I've sent a message with the requested traces. Thanks.
  5. Yes, IP subnet polling is turned off too.
  6. Network polling is disabled but I'm getting about 1000 non-applicable entries about every 15 minutes with it disabled. The only enabled option is AD polling.
  7. Is it possible to disable Windows network polling? Currently, I have the check boxes to enable IP subnets polling and Windows network polling unchecked but I am still getting many unassigned devices (I assume) via network polling. I'd like to only use Active Directory polling but it seems like the quick network polling is still running every 15 minutes, even when disabled, resulting in several hundred entries we don't need, both in and out of our domain.
  8. It appears that VMs running the Kaspersky Light Agent ( are not receiving the SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat key necessary to receive the security update to patch Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability. Our agents show the databases are up to date but the Windows patch cannot be applied with the aforementioned key. I just wanted to bring this to Kaspersky Lab's attention and possibly see if anyone else has this issue.
  9. It appears the SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat key is not created on machines with the Light Agent.
  10. I've noticed our servers with the Light Agent (v4.0.46.281) are not getting the update although the agent is up to date.
  11. We've recently decided to implement Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent 4.0 in our environment but I've hit a snag: the agent cannot be installed remotely. I've created the install package and task for it, as I have several others, but it always gets stuck at "Copying files to the specified device..." Unfortunately, it never fails outright so I don't have an error but it's been copying for over 24 hours. If something changes, I will update. The network agent is installed fine remotely and I can see that it's running. I can also install the light agent locally via the klshare but I cannot install it remotely through Security Center 10. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I believe I discovered the issue. In our Network Agent policy > Update Agents > Network Poll: "Enable Network Polling" was turned on. I've unchecked it and it appears the removed computers are not coming back. I wasn't aware the network agent also did polling. Thank you for your assistance.
  13. I have the trace file but it exceeds the 4MB attachment limit. Is there a preferred method to submit or share it?
  14. Yes, I've turned off AD polling but the problem persists. I've turned off all 3 polling methods but the computers removed from the group return.
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