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  1. Have you tried clicking the "X" icon in that annoying window, then carrying-on? A minor inconvenience to me, that, especially when compared to the "Virtual Agent" in MicroSoft's support sites - which don't even respond to "Turn off Virtual Agent" with ANY INTELLIGENCE! Regards.
  2. Your current KIS version is ... ??? This might help obtaining a response. Hover your mouse over the "K" icon and note the version number, then post same on this USER'S FORUM - while noting that this is NOT Kaspersky's SUPPORT forum. In other words, help us help you but, please, skip the commentary about the adequacy of "support." Incidentally, my Win8.1 KIS 18.00.405(f) handles this situation quite well. Regards, Boxes
  3. KIS 18 and MWB Premium work extremely well together in my experience, Win7.1 AND Win8.1. Sorry, can't comment on Win10. Seriously, running both in real time has cost me so very little performance ticks that I frankly do not know if I could bring myself to go online without both running. Such is my minimal annual cost for staying online. ASIDE: Hey, Whiz, what's the "Riskware category" you have set to OFF?
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