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  1. Hello, I'd like to know if Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers some sort of protection against malicious browser extensions and addons. I'm using Kaspersky security center 10.5.1781 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security on Windows 10 machine. Thank you
  2. So my configuration is: - 1 Server with Kaspersky administration server installed and SQL Server on the same machine - 1 server with Kaspersky Endpoint security installed and network agent configured as gateway - 1 server with Kaspersky Endpoint security installed and network agent that is connecting to Kaspersky server (first server) using the second one as gateway I took GSI from the last 2 servers
  3. I sent you GSI from a machine that connects to Kaspersky server via the gateway agent installed in another server
  4. So you need GSI to one of the pcs connected to the gateway agent? At the moment I provided GSI from the server where the network agent is installed with gateway option enabled
  5. Yes, my main problem is that the connection is restored for all the agents except the two gateway ones. I've already provided GSI report to KLCentralSupport from the affected machine
  6. PM sent. I restored the connection restarting the agent, start collecting traces and then run the backup to break the connection again and sent you all the traces
  7. This is the klnagchk. I can't see anything unusual and it's not a firewall/port problem because if I restart the service agent it works. Starting utility 'klnagchk'... Checking command line options...OK Initializing basic libraries...OK Current device is 'workstation name' Network Agent version is '10.5.1781' Reading the settings...OK Settings verification...OK Network Agent settings: Administration Server address: 'server address' Use SSL: 1 Compress traffic: 0 Numbers of the Administration Server SSL ports: '13000' Numbers of the Administration Server ports: '14000' Use proxy server: 0 Administration Server certificate: available Open UDP port: 1 Numbers of UDP ports: '15000' Synchronization interval (min): 1 Connection timeout (sec): 30 Send/receive timeout (sec): 180 Device ID: ce832eab-eee6-48f8-9240-23cc6424fd23 This device is active update agent This device is a connection gateway SSL port: 13000 Listening port: 14000 Attempting to connect to Administration Server...OK Attempt to connect to the Network Agent...OK Network Agent is running Receiving the Network Agent statistical data...OK Network Agent statistical data: Total number of synchronization requests: 1050 The number of successful synchronization requests: 811 Total number of synchronizations: 0 The number of successful synchronizations: 0 Date/time of the last request for synchronization:15/11/2018 04:30:14 GMT (15/ 11/2018 04:30:14) Deinitializing basic libraries...OK
  8. Everytime the task "backup of Administration server data" runs, two agent configured as gateway lost their connection with the administration server. If I run the klcsngtgui and try sending an heartbeat I get the error "#1184 Access is blocked". The only way to make them working again is to restart the agent service on the two affected machines or the administration server service on the Kaspersky server. The problem doesn't happen with other workstations in which the agent is not configure as gateway.
  9. If I go on the machine with the agent installed and restart the Network Agent service then it starts working again
  10. The backup seems working now but I got another problem. Everytime I do the backup, I have 2 network agent (they are gateway) that stop connecting to the server. I run klcsngtgui and try sending an heartbeat I get the error: #1184 Access is blocked. I thought the problem was caused by the backup folder permission problem but it's not.
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