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  1. As example Skype, I can add as application for PC with account. It this also possible for Skype APP on iPhone or other APPs on the iPhone? Copy/past is very unnice on the iPhone
  2. Copy of existing web site

    Yes, but saying CLONE would be nicer :-(
  3. Hierarchy groups

    Does not work for me. I can create a new Group but not MOVE the Group below another Group. Creating a web site under a Group is not creating a Group under a group
  4. Comments on web sites and account

    ... is it not possible add comments on web sites and the accounts below?
  5. ... is it not possible add comments on web sites and the accounts below?
  6. Hierarchy groups

    ... is it not possible to create a group below a group?
  7. Is it not possible to copy an existing site? Would make things easier.
  8. iPhone is not showing groups

    I can create groups on the PC, but the groups are NOT shown on the iPhone, means the website list ist plain thru.
  9. .. with the synched iPhone I see under websites all the sites, but no groups. Are the groups not supported?
  10. How to you store codes for doors, PINs or safe codes?