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  1. Took a look at the summary, but i don't know how the programs may interfere with the download of updates because one is for cleaning junk and the other registry and i don't use them often. I was thinking it could be the servers where the files are, are they in Russia or does KAV looks for Kaspersky servers in United States?
  2. Kaspersky Antivirus Free (version Always had this problem. I use the laptop connected to A\C mostly and in High performance power setting. GSI report: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=06243b4a313a8866c71f1a0b4321afe6 kav.txt
  3. Hello and good day, I hope someone can help me with this matter. Every time it will download new definition and database updates it takes too long. My connection speed is 100Mbps and Kaspersky updates download very slows, average 24 KB/s Should i change the source URL or add another URL?
  4. Installing from C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP18.0.0\Data\Cert did not work. I don't have Opera browser, i use Chrome, but the problem is only with the Opera Email client.
  5. I installed it within the same Cert folder and seems it worked for the system overall because Opera Mail is not bothering anymore with the message, thank you for the suggestion.
  6. I stumbled with this problem that pop ups every time i will watch my emails messages. I use Opera Mail and have 4 accounts. Every time i open the email client the problem arises (check attachment for reference). Note that this is not the browser Opera, is the email client. I press Accept and mark always, but it ask again later. Thanks for any help and guidance.
  7. Sorry, let me clarify. What i mean is if i i don't have the extension installed will the marked options in "Additional" section sill works?
  8. I disabled Web-Shield to test with EICAR test file and it did not blocked the action of downloading it. I tested again (and with the Additional options unchecked), but with Web-Shield activated the download was denied. Access denied The requested URL cannot be provided Object URL: http://www.eicar.org/download/eicar.com Reason: the object is infected by EICAR-Test-File So this mean the "Additional" options only works with the extension?
  9. I don't have installed the Kaspersky browser extension. Should i disable Web-Antivirus scan including the advanced settings or the additional options like: Check the website for malware, Check the web site for phishing scams, etc, works as a stand-alone feature or does only works if the extension is installed?