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  1. exclusions

  2. exclusions

    how do i give those privileges to kes so it can remove them once and for all?
  3. exclusions

    is there anyway i can "process" those unprocessed files? I am sure i do not need them and can delete them. But what is the correct way to do so. thank you in advance
  4. kaspersky server hit by ransomeware

    well it was the backup server that got hit so i recovered from older backup sets. unfortunately there is nothing left of the virus or hacker files since i recovered the server. I think i should have contacted u on the day incident happened before recovering the server. just on more question. will i be able to use the same key to reactivate kaspersky after i install it back on the server?
  5. exclusions

    thanks alot it worked. but the files that appear in the unprocessed repository are still appearing after each scan although i deleted all. Why are they not being deleted once and for all? shouldn't the delete object button delete them from the workstations?
  6. exclusions

    moreover after each scan task the same objects that were detected and deleted manually from the unproccessed repository are visible again after next scan along with the excluded files " kmsemulator.exe and autokms.exe " which i disinfect and restore.
  7. exclusions

    Company using kaspersky security for business - select. kes10 sp2 and kes10 sp1 rm2 are being used, mr3 and mr4 updates are installed on. on most of the stations there is these files: C:\windows\autokms\autokms.exe and c:\windows\kmsemulator.exe I want to exclude these two files and everything related to them. I dont want them to be detected, moved or scanned. I have added many exclusions in both policies but it doesnt seem to really exclude the files since i see them either in quarantine or unprocessed files or in the backup. I am using latest version for security center 10.4.343. kes 10 for windows I got two seperate policies one for kes10sp1mr2 and another for kes10sp2 having problem excluding certain folders or files: autokms.exe autokms.exe/data0001.res kmsemulator.exe
  8. exclusions

    hello sirs, I have a problem making exclusions. I have tried many entries but still the items are being detected. I am using security center 10.4.343 and kes 10 sp1 mr2 with all the updates installed. I got one station with, 11 stations with and another 2 stations with the items are autokms and kmsemulator. policy.klp
  9. hello I have managed to successfully install kaspersky for serve 10.0.0486 but yet i was unable to install network agent 10.2.434 or 10.4.343 . I have used the administrator username without any prefix or anything. same username and password failed for the network agent. I will still try taking the server out of domain when i get on site. Thank you
  10. Dear Sirs, I have two servers in my office, one has win server 2003 which i use as a database for an old accounting application and the other has server 2012 r2 which has back up exec 2016 and kaspersky security center 10. Both are protected by kaspersky security for servers. I walked in the morning to see all my files are encrypted on the second server and there is nothing left of kaspersky on the server. There was a folder which contained some files i remember one was called proccess hack. i backed up the server using disaster recovery cd with backup exec but i havent yet installed kaspersky products on the latest backup set i had. how can i provide more information about the incident if possible. my accounting server is still running and i think i noticed something on kaspersky on that same day but no files were encrypted thank god. but i think it was detected and stopped maybe. Thank you in advance
  11. credentials are correct but i guess there is a problem with the domain controller. The server is in a domain that doesn't exist i amd looking forward to take it out of the domain and retry kaspersky installation using local administrator because i am not able to use the local admin while the server is in the domain. I will keep u posted as soon as i try it out.
  12. https://we.tl/pUlYvixxtb hello i posted the link using wetransfer
  13. I have older version of ksc server and it works fine on all other win2003 servers. i recently installed internet explorer 7 because i had 6 i thought it might be the problem
  14. i am not able to post the whole compressed folder generated