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  1. So I check this morning and virus database upgrade task is working with no error. I have attached the KLT task and also export results of the task on my 4 KSV. Thanks key_task_export.klt KSV1_Result.txt KSV2_Result.txt KSV3_Result.txt KSV4_Result.txt
  2. Ok I will do the update task tomorrow morning and keep you informed. thanks
  3. I have disable auto deployment, run the license task again, and re run the report of key usage and still the same report, 20 free licenses out of 20...
  4. Hy, No I have just upgraded license in the distribution task. And yes, in the license storage properties, this license is marked for auto deployment.
  5. Did you get more information with the 2 screenshots attached ? Thanks
  6. Thanks, There are 2 screenshots attached, first one is key storage on Kaspersky Security Center, and the second one is report of usage for the new licence. I cannot screenshot report of usage of Old license as the license is not installed anymore... On the screenshots we can see that the key had correctly been sent to the Kaspersky KSV virtual machines, however it's like if the key was not used...
  7. In fact we have a specific Kaspersky contract which is an MSP contract. Our license was limited to 14 protected servers and we have to upgrade this one. So I ask my re-seller for a new license to cover 20 servers. Once the new license key had been set by my re-seller, I updated the key deployment task (custom task done by myself in order to deploy the license on KSV servers) and replaced the old license by the new one in the task settings. Task has been successfully done on the KSV, but I cannot see how many licenses are in use... . Perhaps I had to delete the old license file from the KSV but I don't know how to do that. Thanks
  8. anthonydb

    KSV Agentless virtual machines missing

    Tha't why I don't understand where the problem is...
  9. anthonydb

    KSV Agentless virtual machines missing

    Yes I checked UUID of the 2 virtual machines and UUIDs correspond to the one written in log files of KSV.
  10. anthonydb

    KSV Agentless virtual machines missing

    Yes I received it via mail, but I thought that perhaps on the forum someone already had the case.
  11. anthonydb

    KSV Agentless virtual machines missing

    Ticket number is INC000008136210. Thanks
  12. Kaspersky Security Center : 10.4.343 KSV : 4.1.047G Thanks
  13. anthonydb

    KSV Agentless virtual machines missing

    Do you mean ticket number ?
  14. Hello Everyone, I am encountering a quite weird issue on my Kaspersky for virtualization key deployment. Indeed, I previously upgraded my licence key (from 14 to 20 servers). I then created a task to deploy my new licence key on the KSV virtual machines. Task had been successfully done without errors. Then when I go into report section of security center, I ran the key usage report and the report shows that no licenses are in used. However I have 18 virtual machines protected by my 4 Kaspersky KSV. Can someone please tell me where I am wrong ?
  15. anthonydb

    KSV Agentless virtual machines missing

    Thanks, I already have opened a ticket on my Company Account.

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