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  1. Also, Your KIS 3 license is good for 3 'Devices'- PC, Mac, or Mobile (Android), any combination of them. You just need to download the right program for the device. Download it (the free version) to your phone from Google Play. (You can also download it to your computer and transfer it to your phone-Google is your friend). Activate it with your 'key code' to get the premium features. The above link is from the first article at this link about 'Kaspersky Internet Security for Android'
  2. Are you sure you are actually talking to Kaspersky? Did you call one of the numbers listed here. Pick your region then pick your country and see if that's the number you are calling. Kaspersky would not refer you to a 3rd party for a Kaspersky problem, which as of yet, you have not actually said what your Kaspersky problem is. If Malwarebytes is flagging/detecting something you are not dealing with Kaspersky or Microsoft, you are dealing with scammers. So tell us, what's actually wrong with your machine, and what are the symptoms. What Kaspersky version are you running? And if you do not want help from us put in a ticket with Kaspersky instead of calling. https://my.kaspersky.com/support
  3. That's funny since that is NOT Kaspersky doing that, that is Firefox itself not connecting to Mozilla's Add-On page. If you do the 'Add Exception' here you will find it in Firefox's 'Certificate Manager', not anything Kaspersky related. Tools/Options/Privacy & Security/Certificates/View Certificates
  4. JFYI as you try to recover your lost emails, Thunderbird .msf files are not 'archive' files, there are NO emails in an .msf file. they are an indexing file only. The emails are in an 'mbox' file, no extension. Inbox (mbox file containing email) Inbox.msf (indexing file - no emails) Inbox.sbd (Created in subfolders in Inbox. This folder contains more mbox and indexing files)
  5. Swamp Yankee

    What! remote computer?

    Kaspersky is NOT trying to connect to a remote computer. That PUP/Adware program ( FastCompress-Zip ) you installed is trying to connect to a remote computer. I would block it. Then Google "FastCompress-Zip\Fast_Support.exe" and read the first 3 links that come up from Bleeping Computer and Malwaretips.
  6. Well on Googles home page, look down at the bottom right, Settings........ Settings/Search settings, turn on SafeSearch and Save it. Now if you want to stop your kid from figuring that out and changing it back, you'll have to use the Lock SafeSearch, which is a little more involved and you need a Google account to password protect it. See this Google Video on the procedure. Its from 2009 and Googles look has changed, but you'll get the gist of it.
  7. Swamp Yankee

    saxp.zedo - Should I be Concerned?

    Also, not to hijack your thread , just a little more info in addition to the instructions posted in the post above, Kaspersky is doing its job. I will confirm that Yahoo's Mail home page has been pumping out Malware all day today. My brother has been getting attacked all day while on it. Mainly by the Firefox Fake Update Javascript thing. But just about 2 hours ago he was also attacked by the Trojan you were attacked by, and from the same source, a Zedo ad. Zedo is an Ad platform, like Google Ad service. He has had it with Yahoo, he's refusing to log back on. Those 3 detections an hour b4 the Trojan detection were also from Yahoos Mail home page.
  8. Yeah, this does seem like a question for Tech Support, Why is KTS scanning an internally connected SATA drive as an external USB drive? Does it still scan that BD drive with the disk removed?
  9. @DDaniel Also, Questions: Is your Blu-ray drive an internal drive connected to a SATA port on your MOBO? or is it an external Blu-ray drive connected to a USB port? Also from your screenshot in your first post, it looks like the Blu-ray drive has an AT&T DSL setup disc in it? which would explain why its being scanned, if it is in fact a USB connected drive.
  10. Oh I know what you are talking about here, and I stand by what I posted above
  11. Also Hi, "Seed" has to do with how a 'Web Crawler' works. Do a Google search on 'what is a seed url'. Basically whatever Google page your kid is going to is the 'seed' page, and in your Parental Control settings under Internet/Block file downloading section, the type of file that is trying to be downloaded is checked off in your settings as not being allowed.
  12. Hello, If this concerns you, you should do what AMTSO suggests in the quote below, contact Kaspersky Technical Support through My Kaspersky, as this is a detection issue and no one here can help with that. I just did the test and it failed, and I have Anti-Phishing enabled in the Web AV module Advanced Settings and clicking on the Kaspersky box on the AMTSO page just takes me to the Kaspersky home page, so they don't have what AMTSO mentions in the above quote. or maybe why not contact AMTSO and tell them to contact Kaspersky, instead of telling us to do it. This non-detection was just talked about in a thread a week ago.
  13. Swamp Yankee

    The license expired unexceptable

    Well the answer is basic math. 549 days is 1-1/2 years. 5/14/2016 to 11/16/2017 is 1-1/2 years. Though how you got a license for 1-1/2 years , is beyond me answering.
  14. Also, According to this support article for KIS 2016, it depends on what Operating System you are running. For KIS 2017/2018 the "About activation code for Kaspersky Lab products" link takes you to this page , the "General articles : Licensing" page, which says the same as the KIS 2016 link, but does not mention the Operating System restrictions??
  15. Also, Where have you been hiding? Best Buy / Geek Squad no longer sells anything Kaspersky, since Sept 8th , 2017. They pulled it from their shelves and website. Google it. They may have charged you for " one year of subscription to their repair service" but I doubt they charged you for anything Kaspersky, since they do not sell it anymore, and if they did you need to contact them. Best Buy Forum thread on the subject.

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