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  1. Kaspersky blocking my website

    I just did a Live Chat with Jeric C. in Tech Support and he says you can still use the VirusDesk, it works, will take some time, and you will not get a response. You just click on 'I disagree with the scan results' box. If you want a response delivered to your email, create a case with Tech Support thru the links Harlan received. On not using the VirusDesk link, Jeric C says, after reading this thread, those are just forum members that do not know what they are talking about. using the VirusDesk link does the same thing as opening a case with Tech Support, which I took to be faster, since they will escalate it to the virus lab faster, rather than having it to be sorted through with all the other things being sent to the VirusDesk. Now for the response Harlan received: This part of the response tells Harlan they got it and will look at it.....might take awhile.....but you do not need to do anything else. .......but if you want further assistance and to speed it up, create a Case with Tech Support.
  2. Kaspersky blocking my website

    I disagree. VirusDesk is the right way to do it. Its a 'False Detection' according to the OP, and that's one of the things the VirusDesk is for:
  3. The safest way to do it, is wait for the old one to expire, then enter it. That's how I always do it. I believe they've removed the way of activating it early. I just looked and only 'Save' the code is there. You used to be able to enter it and save it until the old one expired, or there was a choice to activate it immediately, and that's what everybody was doing and losing license time. Someone else might know more.
  4. Virus at facebook

    Also, plus the instructions above, That's because your Facebook page has been flagged by Facebook as behaving suspiciously and appears to be infected. There is something about the links on your FB page they don't like. When you download the Kaspersky scanner and it runs and finds NO malware, you'll gain access again. See: Kaspersky Lab is ready to protect your Facebook account! See: Protecting millions from malware with cleanup tools on FB
  5. Kaspersky blocking my website

  6. Rebusdrop.exe not a Trojan Virus

  7. Defender taken back control and no firewall

    You want to disable 'Windows Defender' NOT the "Windows Defender Security Center" Those are 2 different things. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/threat-protection/windows-defender-antivirus/windows-defender-security-center-antivirus https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/threat-protection/windows-defender-security-center/windows-defender-security-center
  8. Infected with wonderlandads popup

    Also, in addition to what thyrex asks in the post located above this post, Have you Synced those devices as a storage device to your desktop computer? (like with Telegram) Hint Hint.
  9. Cannot Guarantee....

    Also see/read this thread on the exact same problem
  10. Kaspersky Anti Virus is the FULLY Functional program. The other 2, 'Security Scan' and 'Virus Removal Tool' are downloaded and run 'once' tools. Security Scan will tell you if you are infected but it does NOT remove anything, you need the FULL program for that. The Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (KVRT) is a portable app designed to scan and disinfect an infected computer from viruses and other types of malicious programs. KVRT is a stand-alone niche tool and not a complete anti-virus package. KAV vs Security Scan on the US website
  11. Content Delivery Network Wait for it to be released, which is not soon. Everything now is Patch 'C'. Everybody in this thread is waiting for patch 'E', which supposedly has the fix in it for the problem being discussed here. But what comes after 'C' in the alphabet.........'D' And Patch 'D' hasn't been released yet. According to Mefodys in a different thread related to another problem, Patch 'D' is expected ("we hope it will happen in ~1-1,5 months") So don't hold your breath for Patch 'E'
  12. mfuad: Please scroll up one post to see th reply that richbuff posted for you. I'm pretty sure that's not supported anymore, like 7-8 years, too many problems. Kaspersky needs to be on the same HD as the OS.
  13. Well according to the Support Link he referenced , it is.
  14. Oh YES you can............though you shouldn't MsMpEng.exe is the core process of Windows Defender Also with Windows 10 you can turn it off and set it up for "Periodic Scanning"