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  1. I've created an installation task with the msp file. Thanks
  2. Ok, tomorrows I will try. Thanks
  3. In fact mastropizza, I would like to avoid distribution to everyone. I would like to try it on some pc first. Is there an msi?
  4. Hello, now my KSC10 can see the KES patch but i can not understand how to create a task to install it on some test PCs. after I've approved, is the patch distributed without control? or must i create a task somewhere? I've never done it before. Thanks
  5. I read this article: https://support.kaspersky.com/14745 could I have some explanation? What is the ppl mode? I'm going to update to 10.1.1: what should I take care? Thanks.
  6. GLFI1969


    I wanted to say that I do not see that patch!
  7. GLFI1969


    ok but please make it available as a downloadable patch because i can't see any patch in my KSC! Help!
  8. GLFI1969


    Hello, can you explain me where is this kes version? Thanks. https://support.kaspersky.com/14711
  9. Hello, i removed Windows Defender via PowerShell, restart the server and now the warning is gone. It is better to remove Windows Defender manually before installing KS 10.1. Thanks.
  10. GLFI1969

    KS 10.1 Select to Advanced license.

    For now, not for the Advanced license. As i said before, i removed the Select license manually from KS 10.1 console on one specific server and in the same way i added the Advanced license. On that test server, only the Advanced license is installed.
  11. GLFI1969

    KS 10.1 Select to Advanced license.

    hello, Konstantin Antonov, i sent you a private message with the download link
  12. Hello, i'm going to change my Select license to Advanced on all my servers instance. For now i have changed it manually on one server for testing Advanced features. I have removed the Select license and then i have add the Advanced but i cannot start the Advanced task features due to "End User License Agreement has been violated. Reason: Task run blocked by license." I cannot start: Traffic Security, File Integrity Monitor and Log Inspection for that reason. how can I solve it? Thanks.
  13. do you have any updates? I should install the KS 10.1 on others Windows server 2016 and i would like to understand if i have to do something on Windows Defender before. Thanks.
  14. Hello, the service is stopped.

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