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  1. Yes, there is lock, before and after the connection. As you can see in the image attached, the wi-fi network use WPA2/PSK. I can not see any security settings about wi-fi connection! Manually, i can connect so the password is "present" in the tablet but for some reasons it does not connect automatically.
  2. i think it is not a KSC connection problem (sure, when it is connectd with wi-fi). After i connected manually the tablet (tapping on the wi-fi network) i manually syncronize the tablet with KSC and after the syncronization is ended, the connection falls but the devices does not reconnect immediately as i expect. it is as if the option "connect automatically to this wi-fi network" was deactivated (but it is not, of course). when the tablet starts, i can not see any connection to the wi-fi network, even for a moment. Again, if i insert the password for that wi-fi network manually, everything works fine, the tablet connect automatically when starts and the syncronization with ksc works as expect without any disconnection from the wi-fi network. The problem is that i have to be able to change wi-fi password, update it in the mobile criterion without change it manually on each devices. I hope I have explained myself well.
  3. Hello, i have 8 Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 model SM-T585 tablets The Android version is 8.1.0 build M1AJQ.T585XXU4CRK5 and the Kaspersky for mobile is version On KSC 10.5.1781 i have these plugin versions: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android Service pack 4 ver. I have this issue: the devices do not automatically connect to the wi-fi network that i entered in the policy. 1. The device discovers the wi-fi networks and If i tap on the wi-fi network name it connects without prompt any password. 2. When the Kaspersky mobile synchronizes with server, connection falls and the device does not reconnect automatically. 3. If I restart the tablet, it does not automatically connect to the wi-fi network. If i: Tap on the wi-fi network and I choose: “delete the Network” the tap again to connect, it asks me for the password. After entering the password the Tablet automatically connect to the wi-fi network. The question is: if I had to change the password of the wireless network, and update it in the mobile device criterion, what happens? Probably i should update it manually on all 8 tablets and this is a problem! I have other android phones and tablets and they all connect automatically. Any idea before I open a ticket with technical support?
  4. i mean that the New page (there are Top - Hot - New buttons on page) should list the last articles. I don't understand why it lists old articles. I have the feeling that something on site does not work and I can lose important articles
  5. why sometimes the articles on Kaspersky knowledge base support page go crazy? https://support.kaspersky.com/ksws10# the most recent articles disappear from the new tab! what does it mean? bhoo....
  6. yes, it works. thanks
  7. only Kaspersky lab update servers.
  8. I have created an update task in KSC with the intention of updating the virus database of some notebooks every 30 minutes when they are out of the office and therefore not under the control of KSC, using only the internet connection. The task is present in the KES notebook interface, but my doubt is: does the task start every 30 minutes without the connection to the KSC? Thanks
  9. I have to insert some share path to AntyCryptor exclusion. The question is: must i use this \\server\share\ format or use the physical path of the share like d:\folderx\FolderShare\ I have the with the cumulative critical fix 13. Thanks.
  10. I've created an installation task with the msp file. Thanks
  11. Ok, tomorrows I will try. Thanks
  12. In fact mastropizza, I would like to avoid distribution to everyone. I would like to try it on some pc first. Is there an msi?

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