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  1. Hello there, I recently downloaded the 2018 update for Kaspersky, and all was well until I realised that the Kaspersky icons in Outlook which allowed one to filter out spam were missing, and I have tried for a while to get them to appear but to no avail. The add-in is enabled in Kaspersky along with all of its settings and I have checked this also. Is there any way to resolve this? Many thanks.
  2. Thank you. I have read those links previously, but they show no mention of the actual updates which Kaspersky requires for Safe Money browsing. I would rather not install multiple updates from Microsoft, only the ones which will fix the issue. I am on Windows 7 also, and can see each available update for my PC.
  3. When I open a webpage in Safe Money mode, I'm met with a message saying 'Critical system updates are not installed'. When I click run update, it takes me to the Windows Update panel, but does not tell me which update is required for safe money to be fully functional. This is why I would like to know which exact Windows updates safe money needs to operate properly. Thanks.
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