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  1. Dear Team, This _openme.txt ransomeware is not detected by kaspersky. We need to manually delete it but after deleting it again comes back. Is there any possible solution to remove it completely from out system? I have attached the virus file below which is in zip format. _openme.rar
  2. Dear Team, KSN Server connection is terminated or not being used by kaspersky security center 10.5 version, I have kes 11 version installed in the client pc. Please see the attach file which contains the screenshot of the error message that I get from KSN Setting of Kaspersky security center 10.5. Why it fails to connect to the ksn server. Thank you
  3. Version of product: Kaspersky Security center :10.5 version Kaspersky End point Security version: 11.0 Kaspersky End point security version: 10.3 Kaspersky End point security version: 10.2.6 The server in which it is infected is of kes version 10.2.6 Only one host is infected till now, After we found the ransomeware is infected in one of our system, We disconnected it from network so that It cannot spread. Can you tell how it infected this particular system?? Thank you
  4. Dear Team, Is there any way to find the cause of ransomeware in server, Ransomeware is detected and deleted by kaspersky end point security 10 but we need to find how the ransomeware attack was caused to this PC. So that we can be aware about the next attacks in our server.
  5. Dear Team, Please scan this site and allow this site http://www.snehacare.com/law-for-animals-introduced-today-by-the-government-of-nepal/ Thank you
  6. Dear Team, Please provide the pf for the incident number INC000009551627. Hope for positive response. Thank you
  7. The exact KSMG version is Additional issue is seen. Genuine mail is also blocked. Please reply asap
  8. The version is Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers .
  9. Dear Team, It seems Kaspersky spam filter did not detect spam mail. Please suggest the configuration for Kaspersky Exchange server 9 to stop the spam and phishing to mail exchange server. Sender contains only name (no email address). I have sent you email body and header attached herewith. Request you to give the solution for preventing these type of email. Please find the attached pictures. Thank you
  10. Dear Team, What does this means? Update task is completed but not every component were updated. What does it means. Is it totally update or it is a bug or what?
  11. Already cleared the cache and created new update to repository task. Can you suggest me solution.
  12. Dear team , Please find the appropriate solution from the issue regarding update problem in kaspersky security center in 10.5 version. Find the screenshot of the error message generated while updating. Thank you
  13. Dear Team, Please scan this site www.conepal.org.np which is blocked by kaspersky Internet security. Please allow this site as soon as possible. Thank you
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