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  1. hello @Dmitry Parshutin Yes you can mark this topic as solved. It would be more cool if there is a solve button then the Question raiser can mark it. Thanks in Advance
  2. Hello @Ivan.Ponomarev Didn't make same policy then make it active and then deactivate that. It's automatically sync after a time and now it's working well. Thanks in Advance @Redhot By the way, it's solved.
  3. Hello @Konstantin Antonov Thanks for your words. Most of the old agents which had old policy like USB Device Block, still they have same situation. Though all those old agents are being transferred to new KSC with klmover.exe and also klnagchk.exe. Is there any thing can be done from KSC to make that USB device block policy vanished. Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  4. Hello @Nikolay Arinchev Wish you could find a suitable time to read my this major problem and give me some active suggestions over here. Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  5. Hello @Dmitry Parshutin The old KSC Server is totally damaged. But new KSC has the same IP.
  6. Hello everybody, The scenario is - KSC 10 sever is damaged. But new KSC has being installed with the same IP as the Old one. All KES Agents are visible on network scanning through New KSC. Also klmover.exe with new KSC address are done with send heartbeat and klnagchk.exe command. some of them are not connecting as there Transport Layer error? Major problem is. from OLD KSC most KES Agents had Device Control policy like USB block. now those Agents are connected to new KSC and showing device control is open. But still device control is acting ON as no USB device is not recognizing? Need a proper and active solutions soon, please. Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  7. Hello Everybody, how can GlobeImposter Ransomware (.Tiger4444) be solved. Is there any decryptor tool for it? Check the URL below - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oIhsk2QhPw Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  8. hello @Konstantin Antonov ok thanks for your reply. I sense I should start from Network Blocker with it's exclusion IP. Then some tuning into Firewall module. Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  9. hello @Ivan.Ponomarev Could you please suggest me the sequence of disabling the components step-by-step (means from which component I will start disabling or customization)? Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  10. Hello @Ivan.Ponomarev KSC Version 10.5.1781.0a Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows version Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server version
  11. Hello @Dmitry Parshutin The Product is Kaspersky Endpoint 11 and the file server Endpoint version is Security 10 for Windows Server
  12. Hello everybody, the scenario is like below - One PC is using as file server and printer also shared with this pc. Now if Kaspersky Endpoint is in this PC then both file server and printer access is unavailable from other PCs. But when KES uninstalled from that PC(File Server) then other PCs can access the File Server and Printer. Now how can this problem be solved step by step? waiting for proper solutions. Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  13. Hello @Nikolay Arinchev Thanks for your reply. You can close this post.
  14. Hello @Konstantin Antonov thanks for your reply. I tried to Block HTTP traffic from KES Firewall in some ways, but didn't work. In Web Control option there I can Block only Web Sites by writing there names or category wise. So if I want to BLOCK all HTTP type Web Sites how can I do it through KES? Screenshots are being attached . Thanks in Advance @Redhot
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