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  1. hello, thanks all for responding, i find away to jump over the problem, because the kaspersky will never be installed using the kaspersky security center and trough agent, 1. move or copy kaspersky endpoint installation folder to the client pc. 2. make sure that no previous kaspersky installed on client pc, and if there a installed kaspersky uninstall it. 3. make sure that the agent is connected to kaspersky server, even if you install it from the server, and if you have doubt, copy the agent setup folder and reinstall the agent. 4. install the new kaspersky version from setup folder. 5. now go back to kaspersky security center and connect the device. summery: the way to prevent seeing that problem (.....unload RAM), is install the program manually in every device that have that problem. thank you soooo much all for your time and for your help my friend. best regards.
  2. hello, here the GTI log. GetSystemInfoServiceLog.log
  3. Ivan.Ponomarev hello! i install the GSI report, and i run the report, the result is a .zip file with many log files inside, what the log you need to check?? best regards
  4. any ideas my friends, i must install kaspersky endpoint on 30 devices before the end of the month, and connect them to the security center!!!!
  5. Nikolay Arinchev hello, from where or how can get the GSI Log?? best regards
  6. eurgbp2011 hello, thank you for your replay i installed the agent and the kaspersky on new and fresh windows 7 pro 64 bit, and it gave me the same error. best regareds
  7. i tried to delete all the (temp files), clean up the (C:\) partition, to clean the RAM on one of the devices and try again to install, but the same error appear again, i can restart the PC only one time, because the pc is very important and i cant turn it off more than 2 minutes!
  8. Ivan.Ponomarev hi, i think so, as you can see in the picture, the agent and the kaspersky are installed, but the error, shows that the installation completed with error?!
  9. Konstantin Antonov hi, thank you for responding, i uninstalled all KES on the devices, and start installing new version package (Agent + kaspersky endpoint), now after the error, the net agent 10.4.343 and the kaspersky security (, but the kaspersy not working>
  10. hi everyone, i am using the kaspersky security center 10 (10.4.343), and i want to install the kaspersky endpoint security 10 for windows (, i already installed the netagent (10.4.343) on the devices, using remote package installation, i manage to install the kaspersky on some devices, but some other devices keep giving me the error "27200: failed to unload application from RAM", the devices operating system: win 7 pro 64 bit SP1, 8 GB RAM (3.5 GB used).
  11. Kirill Tsapovsky thank you for your interaction. my best regards
  12. dear friends, thank you sooooo much for your help, i find the solution in this article https://support.kaspersky.com/10665 i deleted the file in the MMC folder, and all buttons and console tree returned. again, thank for your reaction, and for your help. my best regards
  13. is there any way to return the console tree throw registry file in the regedit?????
  14. Mr. Ivan, thank you for your responding, but can you help in finding it, as shown in the image i attach, i cant find anything, and, can you help to return the console tree table.
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