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  1. Safe Money in Microsoft Edge

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Quick notes: I have Kaspersky Total Security (I) and Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.726. Why can't Safe Money be used in Microsoft Edge? Are there any plans to allow it in the future? (For now, I'll keep using either Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.)
  3. Password Generator

    After sending a message to Kaspersky's technical support team, my question has been answered. (They're response had me saying "duh" in my head.) They said I could access my passwords by logging into https://my.kaspersky.com.
  4. Password Generator

    I'm still confused.
  5. Password Generator

    Berny, Thanks for responding! However, I’m not sure you understand my question. Perhaps a scenario will help. Let’s say I add my e-mail account to Kaspersky Password Manager today and allow the Password Generator to come up with a random password for it. If I went to a public library next week and decided to use a computer provided by the library to check my e-mail because I did not feel like bringing my laptop with me, will I have to remember the password that the Password Generator came up with?
  6. Password Generator

    If I were to use the Password Generator feature within Kaspersky Password Manager to create strong passwords, what happens when I want to log into websites from, say, a public computer? Am I supposed to remember the randomly-generated passwords created by the Password Generator?
  7. About a week ago, I e-mailed the following to Kaspersky's customer support: "Although my current license is for use on up to 3 devices, I now only have 1 computer. Since my renewal is coming up, how do I change my license type from protection for 3 devices to 1?" They replied by saying: "...you can let your current subscription end and place a new order with the desired subscription or service. We also confirmed that your subscription is enrolled for an auto-renewal service." Since I am enrolled in an auto-renewal service, my license will be renewed on Wednesday, July 12th (which I do not understand, since my current license is set to expire on Saturday, July 22nd). I think what I'm asking is this: If I keep the auto-renewal service on and place a new order now for protection for 1 computer, will I be charged on the 12th for 3 computers (or even 1)? Or should I temporarily turn off the auto-renewal service to avoid being charged for protection for 3 computers?