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  1. Password Generator

    After sending a message to Kaspersky's technical support team, my question has been answered. (They're response had me saying "duh" in my head.) They said I could access my passwords by logging into https://my.kaspersky.com.
  2. Password Generator

    I'm still confused.
  3. Password Generator

    Berny, Thanks for responding! However, I’m not sure you understand my question. Perhaps a scenario will help. Let’s say I add my e-mail account to Kaspersky Password Manager today and allow the Password Generator to come up with a random password for it. If I went to a public library next week and decided to use a computer provided by the library to check my e-mail because I did not feel like bringing my laptop with me, will I have to remember the password that the Password Generator came up with?
  4. Password Generator

    If I were to use the Password Generator feature within Kaspersky Password Manager to create strong passwords, what happens when I want to log into websites from, say, a public computer? Am I supposed to remember the randomly-generated passwords created by the Password Generator?
  5. About a week ago, I e-mailed the following to Kaspersky's customer support: "Although my current license is for use on up to 3 devices, I now only have 1 computer. Since my renewal is coming up, how do I change my license type from protection for 3 devices to 1?" They replied by saying: "...you can let your current subscription end and place a new order with the desired subscription or service. We also confirmed that your subscription is enrolled for an auto-renewal service." Since I am enrolled in an auto-renewal service, my license will be renewed on Wednesday, July 12th (which I do not understand, since my current license is set to expire on Saturday, July 22nd). I think what I'm asking is this: If I keep the auto-renewal service on and place a new order now for protection for 1 computer, will I be charged on the 12th for 3 computers (or even 1)? Or should I temporarily turn off the auto-renewal service to avoid being charged for protection for 3 computers?