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  1. Who knows where the fault lies, seriously just happy that the Total Security is working, though oddly enough after installing it I now again have Secure Connection. Not sure what's up with that. But I'm missing The Web Browser Security Check + Smart Registry Cleaner. Just washing my hands of the missing stuff and very leery of using the secure connections. I'm looking at it this way, I'm only out around $50 since that's what I paid for the Secure Connection and The Web Browser Security Check + Smart Registry Cleaner beyond the $60 for Total Security. I rather lose $50 to Kaspersky then the $112 that I had originally thought was down the drain.
  2. Now got the Total Security working, when I tried the second time it was asking me to buy another Activation code, but now its accepting the one that came with it.
  3. Thanks for the offer, but luckily was able to get it uninstalled. As I told PhilipMarkXO, right now really can't afford to lose another $112 to buy Kaspersky again.
  4. Thanks for the info. If I decide to buy Kaspersky again I'll remember that. Right now really can't afford to lose another $112 so going to wait and maybe research other internet security programs more.
  5. I think when Secure Connection installed it fragmented the drive enough that it wouldn't uninstall. System Mechanic found my drive fragmented and defragged it. Afterward was able to uninstall Secure Connection.
  6. Well finally got it uninstalled, had to run System Mechanic to clean things up and after that, I was able to uninstall Secure Connections. Still out the $112, just going to look at it as a very costly lesson. :'(
  7. I just bought Kaspersky Total Security and Secure Connection, sadly Security won't allow me to enter my Activation code, so had to uninstall it. Which went fine. But Secure Connections won't let me uninstall it, says I don't have the privileges. I know I lost the $112 I paid for these programs and just want to get all of the Kaspersky program removed from my computer. I've also tried Windows uninstaller. Any help would be appreciated!
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