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  1. Dear Support, I am not asking you to investigate AD but your own network agent service which is conflicting with the AD policy. I have already investigated and find out the root cause of the issue but you guys need to fix it because the Network agent service belongs to your domain and also the AD policy is applied there for more than two years and not faced a single issue with the applied settings in previous versions of Network Agent. The 2 policy defined are: 1- Clean temp folder at startup. 2- Disable admin approval. Please help me for the resolution of the issue.
  2. Dear Support, The Network Agent service stopped on around 400+ systems. Further troubleshooting results that the two AD policies are conflicting with the Network agent service. This issue occurred on Network Agent 10.5.1781 and did not face any issue in Network Agent 10.4.343 or earlier. The AD policy is applied since two or three years and did not face any issue in 10.4.343 or earlier versions but after upgrading to 10.5.1781 we are facing the issue. For Issue Re-Production: Apply the AD policies in your test environment and restart the systems for two or three times to re-produce the issue and check for the network agent service in services.msc. Need your swift support for this issue resolution as there are 400+ systems affected by this. KSC: 10.5.1781 patch A Endpoints latest KES AD Policy.rar
  3. Means we have to manually run the update in the folder. Or it shows the list in Control Panel - > windows update to select the update and installs it?
  4. What does the option used for "Download updates to device without installing"? Is this option only places the updates files to the folder or it shows the update in the control panel so the user can select and install?
  5. Thanks for the support. You can mark this as resolved.
  6. I am not talking about creation but about copy of hierarchy from one KSC to my new KSC. Means only groups and subgroups not the devices.
  7. I want to import Managed devices group structures hierarchy only.
  8. Dear Support, Is there any way to import KSC Managed Devices hierarchy to new KSC server?
  9. @KLCentralSupport @Nikolay Arinchev @Kirill Tsapovsky @Konstantin Antonov @klsupport @D. @Evgeny_E Dear Support, Any update on the issue.
  10. Is it possible to create a rule according to Kaspersky Endpoint Security application in unassigned group. Please see screenshot. For example, if devices with KES 11 lies in unassigned devices should automatically moved to their respective group and same goes for KES10 as well.
  11. @KLCentralSupport @Evgeny_E @Konstantin Antonov @Kirill Tsapovsky @D. @klsupport You are not getting my point. I have already done this but my point is I need to restrict the user to work within the specific OU. Means a user has only rights to Test OU , can not work with other OU in Managed Devices. Is it possible?
  12. @KLCentralSupport @Evgeny_E @Konstantin Antonov @Kirill Tsapovsky @D. @klsupport
  13. Dear Support, Is it possible to assign rights to specific OU in Manged Devices? For example, I have an OU under Managed Devices named "TEST". I have given the rights to the user but it assign to whole Security center.
  14. @KLCentralSupport @Nikolay Arinchev @Kirill Tsapovsky @Konstantin Antonov @klsupport @D. @Evgeny_E Dear Support, The service rights issue resolved. Also restarted the server. The service starts automatically now. But the administration server crash and database locked error is still there.
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