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  1. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    @Konstantin Antonov @Nikolay Arinchev @Ivan.Ponomarev @Evgeny_E Support sent me core22 patch in the company account but it won't work. The file "soffice.bin" launch still denied in the applications launch control.
  2. I think you have not properly configured the settings. Start the quick start wizard and then select the following options as mentioned in screenshots. The task will be created automatically. You can also create the task manually, its under the administration server tasks. Note: You need an ADVANCE license if you wish to do patch management.
  3. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    @Nikolay Arinchev @Ivan.Ponomarev @Evgeny_E Case is already opened in company account and I've also submitted all the information there. INC000009284960
  4. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    @Nikolay Arinchev @Ivan.Ponomarev The upgrade activity has already started in chunks but as you know this is a time taking process. Can you provide a private fix for this issue? Please ask your developer team if they can provide a fix
  5. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    I have tested the issue in my test environment with both the versions i.e. and the latest version i.e. The problem is solved in the latest version. The file "soffice.bin" gets allowed once added in the rule. But I have total of 1800 servers of which 1200 with So it is really difficult to upgrade to the latest versions on all servers especially on production servers. Kindly provide a solution on the existing version.
  6. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    @Nikolay Arinchev Please also find the following from the below mentioned link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_nK4djn2f1ASx5XQIrb51ZJlfx46Q6C2/view?usp=sharing 1- GSI report of the server where white-list issue occur. 2- KL Event logs from event viewer. 3- KL Security Logs from event viewer. 4- System audit logs from KL console. 5- Application launch denied events exported in .txt file. Password sent to you in PM.
  7. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    @Nikolay Arinchev Please find attached traces. Traces - Debug.rar
  8. myousufhk

    Application launch denied

    I will update later but this product is in support (product life-cycle). Please help me to solve this issue.
  9. myousufhk

    Download timeout

    Issue resolved. May be there was a bandwidth issue in our network.
  10. myousufhk

    Download timeout

    When running download updates to the repository it give download timeout error at regular intervals. There is another KSC in the network and it successfully completed the updates without any error. The firewall/proxy policy is same for both the servers. Screenshot attached.
  11. I have applied applications launch control with default deny mode (Whitelist mode). There is an application launch denied of a file "soffice.bin". I have generated a rule from that and merge with the existing rule but it didn't allow it. Secondly, I copy the file to the administration server and add in the policy by SHA265 hash (Compared, both hashes are same) but this will also block the file. Following things are attached: 1- application launch denied screenshot attached. 2- soffice.bin file attached. 3- soffice rule xml file attached. 4- all rules xml file attached, 5- policy attached. file password: kaspersky Product: Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server Version: Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Whitelist.rar
  12. myousufhk

    KS4WS space full

    Thank you so much for the help. I've applied the policy yesterday that events will be deleted if longer than 10 days and today some of the events deleted and space also freed up. I'll monitor the behavior and configure the storage of events.
  13. myousufhk

    KS4WS space full

    Kindly help me how to delete the messages and events?
  14. myousufhk

    BSOD error after installing kes11

    Same issue occur with us but solved by upgrading to the latest KES11. https://support.kaspersky.com/13036
  15. myousufhk

    Patch Management

    Please suggest how much space do we need to allocate for patch management? One more question if update agents are configure, Windows updates are delivered through update agents or through KSC.

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