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  1. Device movement reverting

    No special characteristics. Its difficult for me to generate trace files because there is no fixed time of reverting.
  2. Error in installing Kaspersky Security Center 10.3.407 in Windows Server 2008 R2.
  3. licence activation 100+ computers at same time

    You can also add key in remote installation package.
  4. KSC 10 SP3 & KES 11 Beta Testing

    All issues solved.
  5. Device movement reverting

    I'm totally confused with the two different solution provided by Konstantin Antonov and Dmitry Eremeev for unassigned devices rule. WHAT I WANT: Any systems in Managed computers and its sub groups if not connected for 7 days will be deleted. The deleted systems goes to unassigned devices container. Now the systems in unassigned devices contains both systems (means the systems that are deleted from Managed Computers and the systems that have been discovered through polling). Now WHAT I WANT: When the Network Agent runs on any of the system in unassigned devices, the rule moves the system to ABC group in Managed Computers. (I'm successful in doing the above) ISSUE I'M FACING: When the systems moved to ABC group, I manually moves the system from ABC group to their respective groups in Managed Computers. But after sometimes some of the systems revert back to ABC group. CAUSE OF ISSUE (WHAT I THINK): When I manually moves the system from ABC group to their respective groups, some of the systems that reverting back because they are failed to synchronize with the KSC and hence Managed computer option deletes the systems and unassigned device rule again moved the system to ABC group. Am I right? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. FDE Issue

    Will you please elaborate?
  7. Storage Issue

    Try this and let me know: Go to Advanced --> Application Management --> Software Updates. Select all updates, right click then select delete update files. (This may takes time). Also delete Perform Windows update sync., Install required updates and fix vuln. tasks.
  8. FDE Issue

    I have applied FDE in vm environment. The disk is fully encrypted however when I am trying to install the same OS on the same VM through Boot menu we are fully able to install new OS and can able to delete and format the partition. Is this an issue of VM environment or FDE just works like that? VM: Windows 10. KES SP2 Server 2012 R2. KSC 10.4.343
  9. Encryption Queries

    For time being just ignore the above four queries we just want an advise regarding last query.
  10. Device movement reverting

    No you got me wrong. There is an option "Delete the device not connected for 7 days". (Deleted device goes to unassigned devices). There is a rule in Unassigned devices that if any system that have Network Agent running will be moved to ABC group that is present in Managed computers group. Both rules work well. The issue is that when I move a system from ABC group to any other group in managed computers it moves successfully but after some minutes or hours it revert back to ABC group. After some troubleshooting I found that by deactivating rule in unassigned devices, problem is solved.
  11. Encryption Queries

    Kaspersky Team, Please answer my queries: 1- Slow performance of system when using Full Disk Encryption. 2- Is it possible to encrypt entire HDD/Multiple partitions using FLE. 3- While using FDE, in case we forgot our password so is there any easy way to access except authentication challenge response. 5- In case of re-intsallation of windows and format C drive. One of the folder in E drive is encrypted using FLE will it remains encrypted? If yes then what is the procedure of decryption? Kaspersky Versions: KSC 10.4.343 KES 10 SP1 MR2 MR3 KES SP2 Systems Specs: Core i5 3.0 GHz 8GB RAM or 6GB RAM 500GB HDD
  12. Device movement reverting

    Ok I'll try and let you know. Will you please elaborate the conflict so I can understand?
  13. Device movement reverting

    Is there any conflicts with Rule works permanently?