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  1. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    Hey, No I haven't connected using certificate.But how will it help is this scenario? Thanks & Regards Majid
  2. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    SMTP authentication.We have unchecked the ESMTP authentication it still doesn't work. Thanks
  3. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    Hy, Kindly see the attached images for sender and recipient settings.If I don't specify sender email is being sent successfully.But if I give sender address email won't go to any recipient address. Thanks and Regards, Majid
  4. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    Dear Ivan , I have answered every question asked by you or your colleague.If you need any other information kindly let me know. Thanks & Regards, Majid Jahangeer
  5. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    Dear Support team, Need your response. Thanks
  6. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    Yes. But we can only one recipient address and no sender address. Thanks.
  7. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    Yes we can send test email from KSC properties but only if we give the recipient address.If we also specify the sender address in settings then email won't go. Thanks
  8. Kaspersky Email not receiving

    We are not getting any error.When we send test message it shows successful but message does not reach it's destination. We have applied the SMTP settings on a task i.e. "action to be applied on report" and gave recipient address as you can see below if we also gave the sender address then it won't send email but if we don't it uses the recipient address as sender and receiver both and send email to only one address.
  9. Hello, One of our client is using KSC version 10.4.343. He is trying to send email when a particular task completes. But email can't reach to it's destination addresses.Below are the settings that I have applied. Kindly provide the solution. Thanks & Regards, Majid Jahangeer
  10. Linux File Server-8 mail Notification

    Hello, I'm using KAV 8.0 and OS is cent os 7.2. Thanks & Regards Majid Jahangeer
  11. Hello, I'm configuring email notification on lInux file server. But it does not work.Need to know what I'm doing wrong.
  12. Hello, Our client has a requirement to have a scan report in KSC 10sp3 . Scan report should be able to tell when scan task was executed ,on how many devices it completed successfully and on how many devices it failed. Regards, Majid Jahangeer
  13. Scan task Report

    if we run a task it should have a report like devices on which failed to execute,virus on devices and reports wizard doesn't have anything like that. Regards, Majid Jahangeer
  14. Scan task Report

    Hello, We want to create a report of the task when it finish in KSC instead of viewing results. But it seems impossible to me.Can someone tell me how can we create a report of a task when it completes. Regards, Majid Jahangeer
  15. Fairy tail ramsomware attack

    Hello, One of our client is attacked from fairy tail ransomware. Kindly provide decryption solution if possible. Encrypted files are attached. Regards, Majid Jahangeer Files.rar