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  1. This is a forum for Kaspersky anti-virus, not general Windows issues or tips on how to use it.
  3. You can submit via this link.
  4. Two posts removed, one in Italian the other in french. Please post in English or post in the French or Italian sections.
  5. Run Junkware Removal Tool and Adware Cleaner, i used them to remove this from a friends computer.
  6. Contact support as richbuff suggested, it's not something we can fix in the forum.
  7. Hi You're using AVG Anti-virus, this is the Kaspersky Anti-virus forum.
  8. It's something you will need to either trust or not trust. You're simply being made aware this tool is there in that program, if you're looking for a 100% answer for or against i cannot give you that. The game developer answering in that thread you link to is adamant that is is only used to send dumps back to them.
  9. Because he is wrong, it's in no way an FP and no you shouldn't do anything. If you trust that program.....use it and add it to the exeptions, you are just being notified that this riskware is there....or perhaps better labelled: "Potentially Unwanted Program" You only get this detection because enabled this option in the Kaspersky settings, it's not default enabled.
  10. You're not alone. A user reported a fix should be out sep 5th, IMHO, uninstalling KIS while waiting for a fix is not a stupid idea.
  11. Question: Did I just do something really stupid? Answer: Yes, unfortunately you have giving full control of your pc to an unknown quantity. The minimum you should do is run scans with and Hitmanpro and also change all your passwords. Do they find anything and also are you sure they didn't disable Kaspersky?
  12. This is a user forum for issues seen with the Kaspersky products, not a place for tips on how to go to court against Kaspersky over a case we in this forum have no way of telling whether true or not. Perhaps contacting Kaspersky support instead will settle this quickly.
  13. Do this: I would recommend the second option of unistalling and then installing 2016, the upgrade is free of course.