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  1. Greetings. Yes. The account is displayed in this file. See attached. Thanks fde_users_new.txt
  2. Goodness me! Thought there was an easy way! Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, Please find fde_users file from another machine that is facing the same problem. All users on that particular machine are on this file. Thanks
  4. Hi, Unable to upload an attachment because it is too large (that is what it says) but basically I get an Authentication error - Wrong user name, domain or password. I hope you will be able to help me this time. Thanks
  5. Hi, I stated in my previous reply that I was not permitted to upload .xml attachment on here, that is why I saved it as a .txt file. You can easily change it back to .xml on your end. So what are you advising me to do? All I want is to get rid of these User accounts that are appearing on KSC's Encryption (account management) task. Thank you
  6. Hi, Apologies for replying late. The version of KES is The issue is not with the new hard drive. The hard drive is encrypted but I have managed to change the domain name of the computer but not the Kaspersky preboot authentication screen. Right now, the only option is to log in using the old domain name even though the actual computer domain name has changed. I could see the option 'change' but when I click on it, I get an error. I have also tried to edit 'Account properties in authentication agent' but it doesn't let me run that task (returns an error when I run the task - Encryption (account management)) Thank you.
  7. Greetings. Please find attached herewith the file you have requested. I couldn't see the contents of this file unless you have a way of seeing it. Please let me know either way. Thank you. P.S I had to change the format to .txt as I was not permitted to send .xml files.
  8. Hi, Can anyone please help on this subject? One of my laptop (Dell E6540) has had issues and was forced to change its motherboard. The original hard disk drive was removed from this laptop and a hard drive from another laptop inserted to this E6540. A domain name was changed to reflect these changes BUT I was unable to change the preboot authentication page to match with these changes. The laptop is encrypted. KSC Version 10.3.407 KSC Network Agent Version 10.3.407 AES Encryption Module (256 bit) Version Thanks
  9. Hi, I have been trying to delete User accounts that were created on KSC 10 but are no longer being used with no luck. I would normally run a task to delete a user but when I go back to 'Encryption (account management)', that User that I have been trying to delete is still there. These Users are no longer available on client computers. Could someone help, please? KSC Version 10.3.407 KSC Network Agent Version 10.3.407 AES Encryption Module (256 bit) Version Thanks
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