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  1. Hello, i'm having issues applying FDE to Lenovo T431s with KES SP2. I'm getting the error "Device type not supported". But I've managed to encrypt 2 laptops of this model with KES SP1MR2. Could this be some bug with the latest version of KES? Thank you.
  2. Hello Nikolay, just to let you know that after installing the pf3077 patch the problem is solved! Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. Thanks again Nikolay! Request created with the ID INC000008127461.
  4. Hello Nikolay, thank you for the quick reply! Can you tell me where can i request the pf3077 please? Thanks!
  5. Hello Ivan! Yes and no, it happens in both situations. Files are too big to attach so I uploaded them: GSI Report - https://ufile.io/vp6mz KES10 trace files - https://ufile.io/7r3ej PS: It's not only this machine that's having this issue, all machines (with different models) with SP2 installed are having issues. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone I'm having this strange issue after upgrading to KES10 SP2. Computers with this version are having BSOD's acessing one file on a specific folder in our fileshare (A word file). If they go one folder above, there's no problems opening a word file for example. Computers with KES10 SP1 MR2 have no problem whatsoever opening that specific file. In the BSOD, it refers the error code 0x0bad1001 and the file klvfs.sys. Anyone can help with this matter? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, encryption is working with the KES SP2 application. Problem is solved! Thanks for all the help!
  8. Hi, ok thanks! I'll give it a shot and will let you know if it worked! Thanks!
  9. Hi again, just tested with the tool for the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 2 and got this result: So i'm guessing that if we upgrade the KES to the SP2 version we'll finally be able to encrypt the drive right? Thanks!
  10. Hello, the file fde_precheck_report.txt contains: So the SSD is the problem here and there's no fix to it right? Thanks.
  11. Hi, sorry, took an unexpected vacation meanwhile. I'll run the tool and post here the report later on. Thank you.
  12. Hi, KES version (mr3) and AES 256b encryption module version Thanks.
  13. Hello, we're using Kaspersky FDE to encrypt our laptops. We've managed to encrypt several laptops, all lenovo, in the T and L series. However, we received this new model, the T470p, and after we apply the encryption policy, after rebooting the machine we get prompted with the error in the attachment. Any ideas what this could be? Is there any incompatibility with this model? Thanks.
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