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  1. Another Phishing Site?

    I think I may have found another BT phishing site. I searched for the web site which caught me a couple of weeks ago and found another suspicious site. KIS is showing it as a grey symbol. What should I do about it?
  2. Amazon and Protected Browser

    Anyone care to wade in and help me to use amazon with safe money?
  3. Using Safe Money when I try to access my amazon account sub sections I get a message from Firefox saying the page is not redirecting properly. Also I cannot re-sign in when it prompts me for a sub section of the account. I can log in fine to the account but just cannot get further in for payment options etc. If I stop using safe money then it works fine??
  4. KIS/KAV/KTS Protection Against Ransomware?

    thanks for that!!
  5. KIS/KAV/KTS Protection Against Ransomware?

    anybody know?
  6. Dormant Trojans

    I have followed what you have suggested but cannot upload a jpg of my screen for some reason? What is stopping me? GSI has uploaded no problem. EDIT: it appears that the screenshot uploaded (red circle with white cross) and it is the GSI which didn't upload (long green bar). So was it very slow to upload and I didn't wait for it to upload perhaps?
  7. KIS Blocking Suspicious Action

    I have to confess that I didn't realize that it happens when I use safe money but this does seem to be the case. I don't yet know if it only happens when I open a protected browser and will monitor the situation. I posted in this forum because I thought it might indicate a virus. Is this why you drew my attention to the 2nd important topic?
  8. KIS Blocking Suspicious Action

    I am constantly getting a message in my action center (windows 10) from KIS saying that a suspicious action was blocked. The information says the application is windows explorer and under action it says "read memory from other processes". Why is it doing this and is it really suspicious? Should I be worried?
  9. Dormant Trojans

    So what do I do now?
  10. Dormant Trojans

    ok here is the screenshot of the 4 trojans it says are there when in fact I deleted them and have checked this in Thunderbird. Just to be clear the files it is finding have been deleted. They are not attachments any more. All 4 are from Thunderbird email.
  11. Dormant Trojans

    I have read the 3rd important topic but can't see why you told me to read it. I can't report a false positive there as I need to report the details such as trojan name and where it is located. I deleted all 4 trojans 2 days ago and reinstalled KIS2017 from scratch this afternoon for another reason but following the scan this evening it is showing the exact same trojans from 2 days ago? I definitely deleted them (the attachments not the emails which I want to keep) and they are shown as deleted in the emails that contained them.
  12. Dormant Trojans

    it was a reinstall today of KIS 2017 latest version with all sections removed at uninstall. The files were deleted 2 days ago.
  13. Dormant Trojans

    KIS scan just found the same 4 trojans I manually deleted 2 days ago??? they are shown as deleted in my thunderbird email software so how come they are being found again?
  14. ok all done and many thanks. Protected Browser seems to be working now. I am still concerned about my bios changing and disabling virtualization. Any ideas?
  15. what is windows RTM and insider preview? I have a proper copy of windows 10 from microsoft themselves and have been running without problems for over a year. I have had Kaspersky Internet Security for several years. I am running version of KIS