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  1. The first message means that your license can be used with components of Kaspersky Endpoint Security that you didn't install. It is saying you didn't install the "endpoint sensor" component. Did you select "endpoint sensor" in the menu? Your screenshot is cut off and doesn't show if the "endpoint sensor" box is checked.
  2. wfeldmann

    Icon on Taskbar

    I am using KES I had to make a separate post, it won't let me edit.
  3. There is a minor issue with the icon on the taskbar. Right now it says "Your license expires. 6 day(s) remaining." This wording sounds off. It might be a translation issue. It should say something like "Your license expires in n day(s)" or "Your license expires soon. n day(s) remaining."
  4. I'm not sure what the source of the error is, but to add components, you don't have to re-install KES. On the Security Center tasks page, create "change application components" task for KES 11. Select which device you want it to apply to in the new task wizard. After creating the task, right click on it and select properties. Select the properties tab on the left, and you should be given a list of components--select which ones you want, then run the task.
  5. wfeldmann

    Installed Kaspersky Security Center

    It seems to work fine on Windows 10 Home.
  6. I got Kaspersky Security Center 10.5.1529 installed along with Kaspersky Endpoint Security I am using Windows 10 Home build 15063. Previously, I was using Kaspersky Security Cloud. I had to remove it because it was slowing down and temporarily freezing my computer and dumping too many files. Kaspersky Endpoint Security does not slow my computer down nearly as much as Kaspersky Security Cloud. How does Kaspersky Endpoint Security compare, in terms of protection, to Kaspersky Security Cloud?
  7. Can Kaspersky Password Manager be used offline? I don't want passwords being uploaded to the cloud.

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