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  1. Hi Chris, I hope anyone doesn't think this a damaging comment of Kaspersky because it isn't; I know a thing or two about modern VPN Services and regarding your issue, to be quite honest you'll need to look into a VPN service that has been round for sometime. VPN services in general that haven't been in business for long don't usually bother getting into the technicalities around IPv6 and more often than non just deploy a simple blocking feature either behind the scene or as a setting. It would be interesting to know why you require it. Perhaps you can educate us, do you reckon most VPN's don't support IPv6 because they're waiting for all the IP's to run out from IPv4 or waiting for a huge influx and use of IPv6 or another reason? Nevertheless, I hope you figured out your problem. I'd advise as to which VPN service to switch to but I can't think off the top of my head which one was the one that supported IPv6. I know it's rather pathetic but it's proprietary client and website was blue I think. Best Regards
  2. I don't want to reply everything Charliewhatshisname has expressed but I'm sorry to say I completely agree with all his sentiments. The connection to the network seems fine and fast but your anti-leaking features are abysmal; I can't believe such a prestigious solution as Kaspersky didn't even contemplate these errors and bugs before hand. The connection safely shows Areti Internet Ltd. for any other UK user as well but it show Belgium servers which I imagine are for DNS but in the following sites it describes a bit more information than it should, I won't obviously reveal exactly the details but an indication https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ ip details leaked on displaying 0a00:a00a0:0000:0a00:00aa:0a0a:00aa https://ipleak.net/ It's literally been over 7 months since you guys have contemplated fixing these issues and will likely go over. Fact of the matter is any other VPN providers would take a verbal battering, I just can believe how you can accept this and have managed to allow this to go on for so long. I'd like to make two final points before closing. When you purchased the API or whatever from Hotspot Shield, why on earth didn't they include its protection features as well? When Kaspersky made the decision to include a modern VPN solution in its package, why didn't you get an experienced and active user of modern VPN solutions? If you did, he or she would be just as disappointed as the users of Kaspersky Secure Connection are.
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