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  1. I was told the 64bit version of KAV for workstations BO was due out in June. I haven't found it on the site or anything on the forum. Can anyone confirm the status of 64bit for Windows XP Pro?
  2. or you can set macro security policy to high speed, IMO, kaspersky should not have had recommend settings as block most macros...would have save a big headache.
  3. It still comes up disabled after a restart. Any Kaspersky support have any input?
  4. Dear fellow Business Optimal Workstation for Windows users: At certain times some users need to disable RT Protection. Is there a way to auto re-enable RT Protection after a certain amount of time passed? I know there is a way with Personal KAV. I have not found any option reguarding the subject. Thanks
  5. well thank you all for trying to help... I discovered that the problem was tied into the vpn setup. the host file had the server but with another ip address. it wasn't updated and therefore when the client tried to contact [server][] it was using [] from the old host file.
  6. We are in a domain environment and all domain users had admin privledges on local computers. I have tried installing the net agent and kav for workstation locally on the problem computers. Everything goes as planned but they are not managed in the admin kit, therefore not following the policy for workstations, also will not update from the admin server.
  7. I am getting the following errors with installing new clients on network. I have about 10 already installed and working fine. For some odd reason, some clients are not responding to remote installs, even local install of net agent and workstation. Here are errors I get from admin kit: "cannot obtain list of installed applications for host: %hostname%" "cannot load tasklist" -when trying to load node's application tab and task tab. "Setup process error 1 General error" "internal update error. Error code 34" -occurs when manual update from client to admin server clients are both winxp with sp2 and all updates, firewall is off on clients. thanks in advance!
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