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  1. Thank you Kirill, It's clear! In earlier releases, what kind of viruses Mail AV used to get from attached Office files once they were all just "attached archives" ? Regards, Michel
  2. Thank you Verdura! Disabling this option is not a good idea, once it won't scan any attachment! I'll wait for details about disabling "Scan attached Office formats". Regards, Michel
  3. Hi Kirill, I saw the option "Scan attached Office file format" only exist in KES10 SP2. Now in KES10 Sp1 Mr3 and below doesn't have that option. As you said SP2 has improvements. But, if I disable this option in KES10 SP2, is the office file going to be scanned in case a virus considering "Scan attached archives" is going to be left enabled or it will leave the file without any scanning? Regards, Michel
  4. Hello, Doing more tests, if I create from scratch a MS Excel 2017 file, save it, attache it and send it. The attachment has the extension preserved! BUT if I get that file and print, then save, attache it and send it. The attachment has the extension changed !!!!! I found in the web: "...The Office OpenXML format files are actually zip files which contain multiple files within them. Antivirus software may recognize them as such, unzip them, and analyze the contents individually. Among the files which an Office OpenXML document can contain are files such as ... PrinterSettings1.bin (containing printer settings). " Ref: "https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/24701775/bin-files-being-embeeded-into-xlsx-attachments-in-emails.html" Of course for protection, it's better not disable the filter for .bin files. Why does it happens with KES10 SP2 and not in KES10 SP1 MR3 and others earlier versions? Regards, Michel
  5. Hello, Going ahead, I've just saw it's the "Mail Anti-virus" that is renaming the attachment, even without filter to .xlsx or .pptx. In the Mail Anti-virus report, I've just saw all the messages with attachments changed, in the column Object with something related to .bin, like "name_of_the_file.xls_//xl/printerSettings/printerSettings1.bin". If I disable the filter for .bin, it works without change .xlsx to xls_. So an issue with Mail Anti-virus /Attachment filter/ Rename specified attachment types /.bin on KES10 SP2. How to fix this? Regards, Michel
  6. Due to a windows 10 upgrade (from 1511 to 1607), I had to uninstall KES10 Sp1Mr2 ( and install the only available release KES10 Sp2 ( on Kaspersky website. After that in my Outlook 2016, some MS excel attachments with extensions .xlsx are changed to extension .xls_ Pausing KAV, the extension is not changed for new messages. It also changes MS Powerpoint extensions from .pptx to ppt_. Doing the same test with KES10 Sp1Mr3, and the extension is not changed. So it seems to have a bug on KES10 SP2! Going more deeply, I suppose those files were not created originally in MS Excel 2016 or Powerpoint 2016, maybe 2010 or earlier Office versions. , because if I create from scratch with MS Excel 2016. KES10 SP2 doesn`t change the extension. I couldn`t find a fixpack for KES10 SP2, so where can I get KES10 SP1 MR3 while the fixpack is not available? Regards, Michel
  7. Hello, I have installed ks4ws_10.0.0.486_en on Windows Server 2016 std with no error, but for any reason the protection is in grey (seems disabled). I already did a reinstallation, restarted the server, but it doesn't work. Does anybody have this Kaspersky version on Windows Server 2016 Std ? Any clues? Regards, Michel
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