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  1. According vmware support NSX 6.2.4 and later enables you to manage vShield Endpoint from NSX Manager. The license that comes embedded in NSX Manager 6.2.4 and later includes an unlimited capacity NSX for vShield Endpoint license key. To ensure you do not use any other unlicensed NSX features (for example VXLAN, DFW, Edge services), the license key will have hard enforcement to prevent NSX host preparation and block Edge creation. I would like to confirm if I can use Kasperky security for virtualization 4.0 agentless in folowing plataform configuration - Vmware vcenter 6.5a - Nsx 6.24 and later ( such as 6.3.1 - 6.3. 5 and 6.4.0 ) to manager vshield endpoint from nsx manager. In this case the vshield endpoint is used yet and vshield manager is replaced by nsx manager. I would like confirm also that NSX features such as VXLAN, DFW, Edge services are not necessary thank you in advance
  2. Hi I have never used bitlocker before. Could inform if bitlocker sign-on screen allows single sign-on with windows domain user accounts in similar way like kaspersky preboot agent? Is it possible single sign on with bitlocker? thanks for your helpfull support.
  3. Hi I have some doubts in enable hard drivers full encryption using bitlocker encrytion. When kaspersky encryption for hard drivers is enable, a kaspersky pre boot agent is installed and it is possible single sign-on. The preboot agent user and password will be the same of windows account. About bitlocker encryption for hard drivers, is the kaspersky pre boot agent installed and single sign-on possible also ?
  4. Hi I have Kaspersky securitu for virtualization installed on vcenter 5.5 (Exsi 5.5 and Vshield manager 5.5). I intend upgrade vcenter plataform for version 6.5 (EXSI 6.5). Can Kaspersky agentless to be installed in vcenter 6.5 (EXSI 6.5) with vshield manager 5.5 or should I upgrade vshield manager to NSX manager? It is necessary upgrade vshield to nsx in order to Kaspersky security for virtualization to work in vcenter 6.5?
  5. At notebooks (laptops) we use full disk encryption b(internal hd) and file encryption on removable medias (pendrive and external hd) At desktop computer we are using only file encryption on removable medias (pendrive and external hd). Usually one user has acess to a notebook. After some time, the notebook can be passed to another user has never logged in previously on notebook. We would like to kaspersky endpoint create automatically a authetication account after new user log in your user account without needing KSC administrador intervene to create this account by specifing manually account in encryption management tasks.
  6. Hi I would like to create automatic kaspersky authentication accounts for users who have never logged on machine by demand at user first log in. Apparently kaspersky is not able to work in this way. Accounts can be created for users who had logged in machine before encryption policy to be applied or users account explicitely created by encryption account management task Is it correct my understanding ?
  7. User 2 was not included previously in the list of users to create agent autheticantion accounts by encryption management accounts. We would like endpoint kaspersky automatically create authentication account for user2 ou any other user by demand as soon as first logon on windows occurs. This way it would be not necessary kaspersky administrador to intervene in order to create agent authetication account for this user2 or any other user without authetication account created before. User2 was not included previously in the list of users to create agent autheticantion accounts by encryption management accounts. After user2 logs on windows system, authetication account was not created neither user 2 was inserted in this list by kaspersky
  8. How to videos says: "By default, accounts are created automatically on the condition that the Kaspersky PreBoot Agent list is empty at the moment when encryption is enabled. If the list contains, for example, a backup account added using the Manage Authentication Agent accounts task, nothing will be added automatically. For accounts to be created automatically regardless of whether the list is empty, select the Add to list of previously created authentication agent accounts checkbox." The option active account is marked on authetication agent account creation settings window
  9. Hi I wish kaspersky creates authentication agent accounts dinamycally as soon as user log on with success first time on windows system if there is no authentication agente account created previously for this user.
  10. Hi User 1 and User 2 are domain user accounts in windows active directory. both accounts were created on windows active directory before applying kaspersky encryption policy. Kaspersky Authentication agent for user 1 was generated by Adding a command for creating an Authentication Agent account (executing a task encryption management accounts) After user 1 logs on computer (logs in both authetication agent and windows system by sigle sig-on), user 1 log on windows system. Then user1 log off windows system (without shutdown computer) and user2 log in windows system. After user 2 log on with sucess on windows system, kaspersky endpoint does not create a kaspersky authentication account for user 2 as we expected. No windows opens prompting User 2 for defening a kaspersky authentication account password. It would be expected that kaspersky had created an authentication account for user 2 at first login user2 on windows system according configuration presented above: * Add to list to previously authetication agent account is MARKED
  11. Hi I dont know if you have understand me This issue reported in quote below is being presented now. I would like to solve this issue. We have installed private fix pf3021 to solve another older issue. I would like to solve now this issue below in quote now
  12. Yes. the incident issue was solved. It is necessary to keep pf3021 installed since time the incident was reported until now. In order to kaspersky encryption works in my company without windows crashing he pf3021 Must be installed. At the moment the issue is the submitted in this topic. This issue only can be identified at the time when this topic was submiited. I dont know if this issue is relationed to private fix pf3021. I am only informing that pf3021 is installed on my company computers.
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