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  1. In an older article from Januar 3 linked here https://support.kaspersky.com/14042 Kasperky states the following /citation " (Windows 7-10, Windows Server 2008-2016). This update has compatibility issues with the following Kaspersky Lab solutions: " All supported versions of Kaspersky Small Office Security. All supported versions of Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool. /endof citation but this article has been changed - kaspersky anti ransomware is not mentioned anymore. Does this mean, that Kaspersky Anti- Ransom and .2.0.176 is compatible to the Microsoft meltdown patches?
  2. sorry for my late comment, but i think i figured out what is causing the remote desktop logout problem. It was the self defense option!! If this option is enabled the logoff process can't close the anti_ransom_gui.exe. If i use multiple user accounts to logon and logoff - all the processes from these users are remaining forverver in task manager and consume memory and cpu. If i disable the self-defense option i can logoff without problems. how to provide a link to you without knowing a private contact ? i haven't found a mail address from you ? regards
  3. i created the trace file, but where i can upload the tracefile? I don't want to post the tracefiles to the public. Version is also affected - you can easily recreate the behavior - just install Kasperksy Anti Ransom - and then make a remote desktop connection to this pc - try to logoff and wait ........and wait ... Kind regards Starrider
  4. right now i have only this information from the Mailserver The following will be logged if Kaspersky try's to send Email on port 587 The account 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON' provided valid credentials, but is not authorized to use the server; failing authentication Kind regards
  5. i will try - but i can easily access the Mailserver Kind regards
  6. Hy, i experienced that a RDP logoff from Windows 7 Machines with Kaspersky Anti-Ransom takes over one Minute ! - if i uninstall that software the logoff is usually only 2 seconds.
  7. The Mail settings in the Kaspersky Anti Ransomware are a little bit problematic. With an Exchange 2010 Server i can only get it to work on port 25 starttls(with authentication). Port 587(with authentication) is not working - but i can't easily figure out why - i have to wait one Week to trigger Mail. The error message from the anti-Ransowmware tool is just “Sending mail failed”. It would be nice if the error message has more details. It also would be nice if the mail was just sent when a problem occurred, not every week or every month with an report that nothing happens. Kind regards Starrider
  8. Bugs i have found in kaspersky_anti_ransomware_tool_for_business_1.1.24.0_en I tested the Software in Windows 7 with all Security patches available from Microsoft - so i would like to inform you what i have figured out. 1. If i install the software manually from Desktop as a admin user - the software can be uninstalled form the add/remove menu in system control - but if i install the software under user "system context" from a deployment solution - the entry in add/remove software was not there !! (only in the start menu) 2. If i make a Remote Desktop connection to a computer with kaspersky_anti_ransomware_tool_for_business_1.1.24.0_en - the logoff procedure takes very long (more the 40 seconds) - in Event log i can see the following lines in the Application log Warning - User Profile Service - event ID 1530 - Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards. 3. The Anti Ransomware solution does not run on XP or Vista - but i can install it on these systems 4. When i install the Anti-Ransomware Tool as admin -every User can Change the mail settings 5. there is no button to test the mail settings - which is very annoying 6. There was no command line interface to control the Settings 7. i had a false positive -i thought i would get an E-Mail alert - but the there there was no alert in admins postbox - perhaps i must wait a week Kind regards Henry
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