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  1. Yes that helped. I was able to add my miner program. right now without running the miner my system has been up 10 1/2 hours with no crash. thank you Indio, heartdaughter
  2. Update: Since KIS 18 crashed I went back to KIS 19. I reboot the pc and stopped all programs including some in task manager and left only task manager running to show how long the PC has been running. CPU utilization was down to 1%. The test went well as the system stayed up for 9 1/2 hours with no crash. Now I will run normal operations except for one program that I suspect, it is a bitcoin mining program. In the meantime, since KIS 19 did crash, I will send a report to support sometime later today. thank you, heartdaughter
  3. Update: As I said I went back to KIS 2018 and now today the Windows 10 crashed. I sent the GSI report to support as richbuff suggested. I now installed KIS 2019 and since I suspect Thunderbird I have shut it off. it is a mozilla email program. I will wait and see how long the system stays up. I also disabled auto restart on crashes so if it does crash then I will see the error code. Thanks to everyone for you time, heartdaughter
  4. I also got crashes of windows 10 and reboots. I have had to revert back to KIS 2018. See my thread topic for this at I also want the red K back and the extra options back, and frankly, the old user interface back heartdaughter
  5. I will consider submitting a report this weekend. Right now I want to see if my system is stable for 24 hours under KIS 2018. Also, I am not sure what good a GSI report will be unless I reinstall KIS 2019. thank you richbuff... are you rich and buff? LOL (jes teasin') heartdaughter
  6. Thanks Indio but I have Windows 10 and there is no option for my computer. Listen everyone, I was working on a movie maker session when the computer locked up then in about 20 seconds it reboot. I am pretty sure it is KIS 2019, so I have now reverted back to KIS 2018. I am about to start a book writing project and cannot afford to have an unstable computer or else I would keep 2019 and troubleshoot it with support. I just can't now. I do know that no one was using the computer the previous time it rebooted, so it is not the movie maker program. I wish I could keep KIS 2019 because it seemed faster. However, I like 2018 better because it has more options to change things and I like the interface better also. I will wait and see if others have this reboot problem or otherwise wait for a more stable version of KIS 2019. Best wishes, heartdaughter p.s. I will be writing a best seller!
  7. Since I installed KIS 2019 my Windows 10 setup is rebooting for some unknown reason. I suspect KIS 2019 because installing it is the only recent change I have made on my computer. Is there an instant where KIS 2019 will force a reboot? I am using KIS thank you, heartdaughter
  8. Just to add to this thread. My windows 10 is now rebooting for no apparent reason. I suspect KIS 2019 is the cause. heartdaughter
  9. Oh no, just now, I got the alert saying Thunderbird cannot be protected due to an unknown error. this error has come back for me. thank you
  10. I have a clean install of KIS version[a] and no problems anymore with Thunderbird I miss the old interface, especially the big K, but no biggie thank you!
  11. I just reinstalled KIS to get my database to update again. And the first time I started Thunderbird then I got this error from KIS: Thunderbird cannot be protected due to an unknown error I tried a search on the forums and it found nothing on the word Thunderbird. Anyone know how to fix this? heartdaughter
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